Girl Scout Cookies Concentrate Review

Girl Scout Cookies is an Indica dominant hybrid 60\40, she descends from OG Kush and Durban Poison.  Girl Scout cookies phenotypes are Thin Mint and Platinum Cookies she has THC levels that are as high as 28% with a 1% CBD level. She has an earthy, woody, spicy-sweet...

Daily High Club Unboxing!

Daily High Clubs August El Primo Box 2018 $30.00 with free US Shipping Each massive box is stuffed to the brim with the latest and greatest smoking supplies. All of our hand-picked favorites!   You'll always get new glass for your mantle $80 worth of products Always...

How To Make Easy Infused Caramel

Ingredients: 2 Cups white sugar                                          1 Pint heavy whipping cream 1 Cup packed brown sugar                              1 Cup Butter 1 cup Corn Syrup                                             1 ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract 1 Cup...

Black Dream Concentrate review from W.A.M.

Black Dream is a 50\50 Sativa hybrid, she has a sweet, fruity, woody, and diesel taste.  This is a great strain for a calm Sunday afternoon she will give you almost an immediate euphoric effect right between the eyes, and within about 10 minutes you can feel your body...

Green Crack Concentrate Review from Wickenburg Alternative Medicine

This beautiful strain was named by Snoop Dogg himself, her origins start with Skunk #1 and an unknown partner strain.  She has a 24% THC and I’m not really sure about where the CBD levels sit as I don’t have her testing papers, she has a pungent sweet mango fruity...

Sweet Dreams Concentrate strain review From Wickenburg Alternative Medicine

As I’m inhaling this strain I look down and see the subscriber counter on my YouTube click over two more clicks and I can feel the euphoria blanket over my body leaving me happy, relaxed, focused, and hungry.  As I click away at the keys I remember I have a peach...

Platinum Flagship OG Concentrate Strain Review from Wickenburg Alternative Medicine

OMG, where to start this beautiful strain, is named after a precious metal and immediately tugged on my heartstrings she has an earth sweet woody potato taste that has a lingering sweet pepper flavor that knocks the breath out of me every time, however leaving a...

9lb Hammer Moon Rock Strain Review from Wickenburg Alternative Medicine

9lb Hammer is an Indica Dominate Hybrid 80\20 it’s a cross between Goodberry, Hells OG, and Jack the Ripper.  She has a skunky woody sweet skunky flavor that relaxed me into a writing frenzy along with cleaning and eating so this is perfect for chronic pain, stress,...

Lemon OG Concentrate Review from Wickenburg Alternative Medicine

Turn the music up and start jamming for 30 to 45 minutes cleaning or writing for those with a flair for the arts.  Lemon OG is a citrus, skunky, earthy, sweet indica dominant hybrid that will come on quick and leave just as quickly with the euphoric and pain fighting...

Errl Cup 2018

When we arrived at The Legends Event Center on Sunday, July 15, 2018, it was crazy the parking lot was full and trying to find parking was difficult, I don’t think they expected such a great turn out. Once we made it to the event center you could hear sirens all...

707 Headband Medical Marijuana Strain Review

This morning started to like too many other mornings sick to my stomach and I hate it so I decided to do my first dab this morning with you guys, I did a hot and hurtful dab to show the first couple of minutes after my first dab, and to talk about the difference in...

Merlot Strain Review From W.A.M. Wickenburg Alternative Medicine

Today started out like most mornings only my stomach is really irritated, it always seems the morning after I eat pretty well my stomach punishes me, which does make me question addiction more specifically trading one addiction for another.  This is a touchy subject...

Birthday Cake Concentrate Review from @wam

Today I'm reviewing Birthday cake concentrate from Wickenburg Alternative Medicine in Surprise Arizona.  Birthday Cake is a 50\50 hybrid that leans more towards the indica effects.   This beautiful golden clear concentrate doesn't really have an odor, however, the...

My Journey towards cannabis, Wining the Battle with Opioids

Addiction, now that’s a scary word and the scariest part is we all have an addiction to something.  This particular blog has been the hardest one for me to write, not because I did have an addiction to opioids for over a decade but because now it’s time for me to take...

D Kush Concentrate Official Strain Review from Canamo Concentrates

D Kush is a 50\50 hybrid, her THC ranges between 18-19% and she descends from Chem D, SFVOG Kush BX2.  She has a very pungent Sweet, skunky, citrus taste with a pepper diesel aftertaste so I have to chase dabs with ice cold water to soothe my throat, because of my...

Dream Diary 1, 7/4/18

The same dream or memory I’ve had so many times before woke me again tonight, a girl and I, when we were maybe 12 years old, I can’t remember her name for the life of me but I remember we were friends right before my mom sent my brother away to live with other...

King Musa Shatter from Canamo Concentrates

King Musa shatter is an indica hybrid 55/45 with a THC level of 18-19% and I’m actually not seeing the CBD levels but I will keep looking.   The taste is a strong sweet earthy skunk with the pepper afterburn because I have a very sensitive throat from the years of...

Blue Diamond Strain Review from Swell Dispensary

Some days I love my job and some days not so much but this has to be one of my better days.  Blue Diamond is a Sativa dominant hybrid 45\55 her THC levels range from 16-20% with a CBD level of 1.0.  Blue Diamond has dense little buds filled with greens, gold, orange,...

Inner Chi Shatter from Venom Extracts

Inner Chi is a Sativa dominant hybrid, I’m not sure the numbers without a test at this point but the THC sits at about 24%.  She descends from Larry OG Kush and OG Kush both highly potent parents.  The buds are said to be highly resinous bud, her strong pungent aroma...

Double Dream Strain Review from Venom Extracts

Double Dream is a Sativa Hybrid 90\10 with the THC levels at about 26%.  Double dream has the parent strains from Blue Dream and dream Star she has sweet, floral, with a hint of berries and spice.  This lady is an energizing, euphoric, happy, focused, and creative...

This site is intended for Cannabis Patients and Adults

This Site is for the education of medical cannabis patients.  We have been using Medical Cannabis for several years legally and we encourage you to apply for your legal medical cannabis cards and follow your state laws.  If you need help finding the laws for your state please feel free to contact us for guidance.  We hope each of you has a beautiful day Fly Free Fly High!! #FUCKCANCER

Cancer and Cannabis Community

We are currently working on a public forum for cancer patients and families.  This group will be for the exchange stories, supporting each other and their loved ones.  We will also be reaching out to other cancer patients in need of help with cannabis.


14 + 10 =

Nicola Dickens

Nicola Dickens

Blogger, Social Media Creator, WordPress designer, Cancer Patient and Cannabis Patient extraordinaire

Writing my own Bio feels like writing my own obituary if any of you know how I feel.  I grew up with a single mother and an older brother.  We traveled all over the country while I was growing up, moving across the country all most every 6 months.  I have lived in small towns and big cities including New York and LA but now find Arizona to be the place I call home.  My Journey started when I was about 18 being diagnosed with Endometriosis and Cervical cancer.  That was what I thought to be the worst day of my life, however, I was soon to find out, not even close.  After 20+ years and cancer 3 more times, other diagnoses, and a million health problems later I have terminal cancer and severe health conditions and a million pills, I discovered an oncologist that recommended cannabis to me, so just like thousands of people I researched cannabis.  AND HERE WE ARE, ALIVE, TAKING 10 YES 10 Fewer MEDICATIONS AND NO MORE PAIN MEDS!!!

Silent Haze

Silent Haze

Diabetic, Cannabis user, Spouce, and Father

I grew up the youngest of 3 children, I have 3 kids (all grown the youngest is in college) and Doc Green and I have been together for about 8 years now.

My story is a little different from Doc Green I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at the age of 15 I ended up having to have several major surgeries, spent months in the hospital, had to have my large intestines and prostate were removed and after all is said and done I have diabetes because of a drug I had to take to save my life (sadly the medication is prednisone the best medication for this illness at that time).

Now it’s a day to day struggle to keep my sugar levels stay as level as possible.  I have gone from starting to have a diabetic crash and I had no idea what was going on.  It is scary at times.  I’ll go to bed and be fine and start crashing wake up and I can’t speak words only gibberish.  Medical Cannabis has changed that I know when I’m crashing now and I don’t crash daily anymore it’s closer to weekly to monthly.

Chronic Titz Cooking

Chronic Titz Cooking

Coming Soon!!

Introduction to Cannabis Edibles.  This channel will assist Medical Cannabis users on how to make edibles, how to use concentrates in cooking, how to make Rick Simpson Oil (which is the cancer cure), how to use Rick Simpson Oil, and how to make butters, oils, and rubs.

Finding my sense of humor through cancer!

I want to invite each and every one of you to join us on this adventure with cannabis and cancer I will be publishing real-time results with my partner and my doctors, however, there’s a catch (catches, everyone has to have a catch right) My partner’s name will only be published via his screen name Silent Haze and company and my Dr’s. names will not be published due to being professionally bound and with HIPAA, that’s how it goes, please respect that, and blaze up.

Prison is for rapists, thieves, and murderers. If you lock someone up for smoking a plant that makes them happy, then you’re the fucking criminal.

Joe Rogan

So what if I’m smokin’ weed onstage and doing what I gotta do? It’s not me shooting nobody, stabbing nobody, killing nobody. It’s a peaceful gesture and they have to respect that and appreciate that.


That is not a drug. It’s a leaf.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

It really puzzles me to see marijuana connected with narcotics… dope and all that crap. It’s a thousand times better than whiskey — it’s an assistant — a friend.

Louis Armstrong

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