Welcome to my RSO Video Vlog Webisode 38

My name is Nicola Dickens and I am a 4 x cancer patient. I have given up on conventional treatments and now I’m happy, I feel better, I have more energy, and I have a life again. In this journey I’m asking all of you to share, comment, subscribe, and help me, help other patients that need help. Cancer is a hard journey for anyone let alone 4 different journeys for the same person, and up until about 3 years ago or so I thought it was going to be a much shorter journey.

This is dose number 38 and I have taken 72.5 grams of RSO to date. I was diagnosed with terminal bladder cancer. When the Doctors said I was going to die all I thought was “Wanna Bet” and now I’m going to prove them wrong. This video diary is to help any other patient that needs relief from the pain, nausea, depression, and anxiety please share. As my days are getting back to normal and I’m getting more energy I will be adding an exercise program to help build strength.

I have surpassed Rick Simpson’s original recommendation, however since this my fourth battle with cancer and they have been progressively getting worse we decided on 100 grams as an initial dosing.  Please remember once the 100 grams is complete we will be setting up a maintenance dose.  With the years I have been going through cancer treatment there are several side-effects that there are no guarantees I will ever recover from.   Including my teeth, I need to have all my teeth pulled at this point because there is so much decay I will continue to get infections in my mouth and have difficulties eating.  These are things I didn’t know when they diagnosed me with cancer and started treating me.

I have been asked several times if there was anything I would have done differently through all the treatments and diseases, and yes there is one thing.  I would have talked more instead of hiding my pain, I thought if I showed emotion over cancer it had already won, I was wrong.  By not talking about what I was going through I alienated my family when I thought I was protecting them, and I wasn’t.   I wasn’t protecting myself either because I limited my support group and suppressed my feelings so far they started making me sick as well.

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