Welcome back to Free My Cure.  My name is Nicola and I am a Terminal Stage 4 cancer patient.  I turned to cannabis 4 years ago and I haven’t looked back since.  I have improved my quality of life by 10 percent and I don’t plan on stopping here.  Join me on the journey to find a cure for my cancer using cannabis!

Eating disorders are hard to treat, live with, and watch our families suffer with.  I have suffered from an eating disorder for the last 30 years, honestly, it probably started with an eating disorder before my medical issues however now it has spiraled out of control.  For the past 3 years, I have spent time understanding my eating disorder in order to beat it, and I’m still trying to fully understand it.  This is what I know, food scares me, it didn’t always, but it does now.  My body has such a hard time with food, the smell, textures, flavors, and so much more, I have to find foods that are high in protein, higher in fat, and healthier for me to eat, because I have such a low calory count intake on a daily basis that I have to supplement now.

I struggle to keep 500 calories in my body now, since cancer treatment I still suffer from nausea, and vomiting, so much so that losing 20 pounds in a month is normal, weight fluctuations are the story of my life, and I hate it.  I love to cook and I love food so much so that I find myself upset saying it’s not fair after a couple of bites.  I have a little more of an unusual case I think, I don’t have a bad body image, in my opinion, I don’t want to be skinny.  In the past 30 years, I have dealt with cancer, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel, interracial cystitis, to name a few.  All of these diagnoses came with pills, pills, and more pills, I felt full after taking the medication and by the time I started to get hungry I was falling asleep, it made it that much harder to eat.

Now I’m 43 years old and I live with an Eating Disorder that really scares me sometimes, I feel it’s out of my control now.  I still work very hard every day to eat,  and some days are better than others.  I use cannabis now and have for the past 3 years it helps me with cancer, the pain, nausea, and some of the vomitings, however, it doesn’t help with appetite yet, it’s medicinal properties has helped me to live a fuller happier life.  My quality of life since adding cannabis to my daily life and diet has helped me build strength, get out and do things, talk to people, help people, and has helped me find my sense of humor that I lost a long time ago, however, I’m most grateful for finding it again.


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