Welcome back to Free My Cure.  My name is Nicola and I am a Terminal Stage 4 cancer patient.  I turned to cannabis 4 years ago and I haven’t looked back since.  I have improved my quality of life by 10 percent and I don’t plan on stopping here.  Join me on the journey to find a cure for my cancer using cannabis!

Extreme behavior on behalf of any one group is racist, Yes this means the kkk and black lives matter are racists organizations!  Yes, I said it these are racist organizations and I don’t feel capitalizing their names or their organizations is in the best interests of humanity.

I know my words will be met with much criticism online, and I know I will be quoted out of context, but I can’t be quiet any longer.  As a terminal cancer patient I look around and see a beautiful world, beautiful people, and great friendships around the world and then I see all this hate.

Hate is a learned behavior, a behavior we are all better than.  In today’s world, we have all this technology, technology that we can use to teach others, help others, get help, and to just connect to people around the world, so I have to ask why?  Why must we tear each other down to make ourselves feel better?

Please don’t get me wrong there are good and bad people in every group of people, not to mention fake friends, fake news, gossip, bigotry, and most egos.  The different organizations like black lives matter, the kkk, the republicans, the democrats, etc. are twisting the news and propaganda to fit their narrative, and spread without fact-checking.  I feel these groups are pushing a race war agenda and that scares the hell out of me.

I believe we can overcome racism, I also don’t believe the majority of the people of the world want a war, and I believe if we all take a look in the mirror we can change the youth of tomorrow.

The sooner we look at these organizations and say we won’t stand for segregation, we won’t stand for only one group mattering, all people matter.  We all bleed the same color, and we all belong to the same race The Human Race.

White [people] if you don’t have any descendants, will your property to a Black or Brown family. Preferably one that lives in generational poverty. … White [people] if you can afford to downsize give up the home you own to a Black or Brown family. Preferably a family from generational poverty. … White [people], re-budget your monthly so you can donate to Black funds for land purchasing.

This quote from black lives matters really got to me, not because I’m white, not because I’m racist, and not because I have no compassion, but because I have never had “white privilege”.  I grew up with a single mom during the 70’s and 80’s, and we scraped by year after year, we went without electricity for a year, we’ve lived in the poorest areas at times, and my mom’s boyfriends sucked at times.  I was abused sexually, physically, and mentally for many years.

When I look back at my childhood and life I don’t see privilege, I see all the years I fought and worked for everything I have, and it’s not much.  I see when I got sick and diagnosed with terminal cancer, my employer dropped me on my ass because they didn’t want to see me go through it, and I see a bucket list I want to complete every day and can’t because no matter what my skills are and how good my skills are I can’t find a job.  I, however, would have to say the worst part is I couldn’t even get the medical treatments I needed because I didn’t have the right insurance or enough money so if this is white privilege I guarantee nobody wants it.


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