Welcome back to Free My Cure.  My name is Nicola and I am a Terminal Stage 4 cancer patient.  I turned to cannabis 4 years ago and I haven’t looked back since.  I have improved my quality of life by 10 percent and I don’t plan on stopping here.  Join me on the journey to find a cure for my cancer using cannabis!

Weed Review Bubba Kush an indica with a higher THC content of up to 24% it has a small to medium bud. Bubba Kush has gained notoriety for its sedative tranquilizing effects. Bubba Kush reviews as a relaxing, happy, sleepy, hungry, and euphoria that will not let you down. From the first toke to your last you will enjoy the chocolate expresso taste followed by a warm wave coming over you from head to toe relaxing into a good book or movie on a cold winter’s night.

My pain level was at a 9 when I woke up this morning after a bowl of Bubba Kush my pain level dropped to a 4 within 15 minutes, my muscle spasms calmed down, my nausea subsided, and the shaking was almost completely gone. This is a great couch lock strain for night time or just to relax the days stress away you won’t be very active on this one, but the euphoria is thick, the body is heavy and relaxed, definitely aroused so toke up with the one you love and escape in the ecstasy.

I give this strain a 4.5 buds, it was a little dry but well flushed I will definitely keep this one on hand. As a side note my husband smoked a bowl of this when he got home and I could see the stress from the day melt away, he was talkative, happy, relaxed, and very aroused but come on guys are always aroused aren’t they?


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