Black Dream is a beautiful Indica hybrid with a pungent smell of a sweet, earthy, pine smell.  Her tight dense buds are beautiful with the greens, golds, and hints of amber.  The effects come on slower with this flower and I’m curious to see how concentrate would be, after about 10 minutes I could feel the effects right between the eyes, it’s not painful just slight pressure, you can then feel it slowly cascade down your throat almost prompting a drink, this one does give cotton mouth, be warned.  When the high hits your body it gives you a comfortable relaxed feeling, starting in my upper back and chest, because I have been really focused on sitting up straight and some of my scoliosis my upper back has been hurting and this strain take the pain down to a four, so it’s very helpful.  As the medicine makes down the rest of my body I can feel the bladder start to relax, now I’m not saying that smoking flower takes all of my pain away I have to use RSO and sometimes big pharma heaven forbid, to achieve lower pain levels when the cannabis products don’t work, please keep that in mind when dosing.

It’s been about 40 minutes since I smoked the bowl of Black dream, I ’m comfortable sitting at my computer writing up this review, my pain level is at about a 5, which is manageable, I haven’t eaten yet and don’t really feel hungry.  Creatively I have started working on so I have the creative euphoric energy, I’m not really tired but I could sleep if I laid down.

Overall Black Dream is a yummy tasting strain, the effects include relaxed, sleepy, euphoric, happy, and Hungary.  Medicinally she treats insomnia, pain, fatigue, depression, and stress, but what out for the side effects which are dry mouth and eyes, anxious, paranoid, and dizzy.  Out of all of these side effects and big pharma’s side effects which would you choose, the only reason I bring this up is the carcinogens in cannabis here in Arizona really needs to be looked at because those are what’s harmful to us.

This is a great bud for nighttime the sleepiness comes on slow covering you like a warm blanket, I could snuggle up in my recliner for a nice comfy nap right now!  Thank you @Wickenburg_alternativemedicine tastes great, looks great and works amazing!!!


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