500 mg. Blue Cheese Distillate from @Timelessvapes

This beauty is Blue Cheese Distillate she is an Indica dominant hybrid with about 80%/20% Indica.  This is from Timeless Vapes in Arizona.  This isn’t the first time I’ve used Timeless Vapes Distillate but it is the first time that I’m reviewing it, it’s because the distillate doesn’t last long with me so as you can see I’ve been using this distillate and though OMG Reviews, so here it is!!

The taste is amazing, it really reminds me of blueberry sweet cream cheese French toast with less maple syrup, it’s amazing, hence it doesn’t last with me but the flavor is amazing!!  The effects can be felt almost immediately, easing my pain and bladder spasms, relaxing my back some in the kidney area, and stimulating my appetite.  When I started this morning I smoked a bowl of Great White Shark from @thenirvanacenter in Glendale Arizona and I use these distillate pens in between smoking a blunt or bowl, My pain level was at an 8 I had a pretty rough night last night and I’m out of shatter.  The effects hit pretty quickly relieving my pain to a very manageable 5, it keeps my nausea at bay so I can eat.  Today I made fried flour Tortilla chips and homemade Guacamole and ate a good amount, sadly that’s probably all I’ll be eating today but that’s ok it all stayed down and I’m feeling pretty good this evening.

This strain is good for Creativity, pain management, stress, anxiety, appetite stimulant, ADHD, Bipolar, Disorder, and arthritis.  This distillate has a clean taste of the oil was a clear golden yellow, the aftertaste is very subtle and sweet.   @Timelessvapes you guys got this down I’m am giving you guys 5 buds and I have only given 5 buds to 1 other and I can’t wait to try more Thank you for everything you do!!


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