Crown Royal is an indica dominant hybrid 70/30 the parent strains of this beauty I have had before and loved both it’s a cross between Blueberry and Purple Kush with a THC ranging from 17% to 21%, however, she has an amazingly high CBD at a whopping 2.1%.  Most people that are just looking for the cerebral or euphoric effects however CBD isn’t a euphoric part of the plant and most people think less CBD more THC is better however that’s not exactly true.  CBD holds very important anti-inflammatory properties as well as pain, mental illness, anxiety epilepsy, vomiting and nausea, and schizophrenia that most people don’t know it also helps you if you end up in an over high anxiety attach, ingesting CBD will calm the head high down and relax the anxiety attach down as well the most common forms are a tincture you can drink.


Crown Royal strain has a pungent sweet fruity earthy taste with no major after taste, the effects are seemingly quick starting with a very euphoric cerebral high relaxing my shoulders and back I started smoking today and my pain was at an 8 with peaks into the 9s, I feel almost as if my gallbladder is swelling again and maybe a kidney stone so this bowl was very welcome as well as being on the phone with godaddy for over an hour getting my site to “step back in” as they put it, I used an image I found on google it had no water mark to I used it, well a lady emails me saying it’s her image and asking me to take it down so I did, well I’m not sure why she reported me to godaddy after I removed the image and they shut my site down.  I had already removed the image a week prior, so needless to say my stress and anxiety are up, so choosing a strain that not only had a high THC but a high CBD has also reduced my anxiety quite a bit as well as dropping my pain level to a 4.

Honestly this Crown Royal strain tastes amazing overall the only complaint I can tell is the pepper or spice burn I get in my throat but the relaxing and euphoric effects are amazing the taste is great, tastes clean, the overall look of the bud is very nice this was a sun grown bud so it’s a little small for an indica but overall I’ll be back it’s a great relaxing pain relieving strain that has the beautiful euphoric side effects needed when not feeling so great and needing sleep great job Cave Creek Cannabis!!

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