Granddaddy Purple or GDP is a 70/30 Indica hybrid that is a cross between “Big Bud” and “Purple Urkle”.  She has a beautiful berry, sweet, and very grape flavor making her one of the easiest strains to identify.  The Buds themselves are dense little flowers with deep greens, golds, purple, with gold hairs, you can see the vibrant colors in the magnifier.  GDP is a heavy indica the effects come on slowly leaving you in a euphoric state, relaxing my muscles and calming the bladder spasms, My pain level this evening was about a 9 with sharp pains stabbing in my upper abdomen, about 15 to minutes after smoking the full effects kicked in, the pain had decreased to about a 5 little high but it’s my bedtime so I will be sleeping soon especially after my night meds kick in.

GDP will leave you calm, happy, relaxed with a relaxing head euphoria.  GDP is great for chronic pain, depression, stress (but really what strain doesn’t help with stress in one way or another) Insomnia, a lack of appetite to which I can attest to, I made a hot bowl of malt o meal and ate most of it.  The negative effects I had with GDP was cotton mouth and dry eyes, however other negative effects that are associated with GDP dry eye, cotton mouth, dizzy, paranoid and headaches, so try a small amount of this bud until you know if it’s going to cause a migraine, I have had a couple strains that prompt a headache or migraine so start slowly with this one.

GDP euphoric effect is a heavy relaxation allowing your body to relax and allowing your mind to wonder coming up with new ideas, creative ways to manipulate the area I have to make my videos more visually appealing, and coming up with new ideas to do daily shows on.  As I lay there, relaxing it came to me I have done my RSO Diary Vlog and now that I have to be seen at The University of Arizona Cancer Center in Tucson.  I plan on letting them know I am a cannabis legal user and I don’t plan on quitting, I use RSO oil for pain as well helping to keep me off opioids at home, when I’m admitted into the hospital I am stuck with opioids, creating a vlog on the treatment plan U of A comes up with.  Are they going to be pro-cannabis or against it?  Are they going to want to try chemo again and will they be able to convince me to do it, (I doubt it)?

As I fell asleep, all I could think about is how many people had doctors misinformed their patients about cancer treatments, how many doctors were paid every time they prescribed these types of treatments, and how many patients suffered horrible torturous death believing that their doctor was doing what’s best for them?  How many doctors had to apologize to the families of those patients that died a torturous death?  I woke up about 2 hours later in a full sweat from a nightmare, you see I can’t remember most of my childhood well, my subconscious, decides when it’s time for me to remember.  I remembered back to one of my first surgeries the surgery that took my first life.  I was legally dead for just under 5 minutes, upon waking the doctor left, he left the F@#$ hospital, he finished the surgery and sent me to recovery where he left me for a few hours while my family waited in the waiting room wondering what was going on.  The next thing I remember was waking as the nurse was wheeling my bed into a room, she looked at my mom and husband and told them what happened, my mom blew up his pager, to which he never called her back his partner did, is this normal or even acceptable?   I smoked another bowl and fell asleep not waking again.

This strain is a great bedtime smoke, I can’t believe that GDP had any direct correlation with my nightmare, I have smoked GDP a few more times and didn’t have another nightmare, however, I do get these nightmares on a regular basis and I have had to learn that my childhood sucked, my mother was abusive to both my brother and I and we both suffer from severe PTSD from the things that went on with our childhood, and learning it’s in the past has been a hard feat for me, I have accepted what went on I still have a lot of anger to work through but with cannabis in all its forms I believe I can heal the pain of my past.  Thank you Wickenburg Alternative Medicine with organizations out there like you I believe we can all heal the demons of our past without creating new ones.


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