After yesterday with the wooden bong as beautiful as it is, is a hard hitter and my throat is a bit sore today.  I decided on Great White Shark for Shark Week for today’s review it’s a Sativa hybrid 65% /35% with a THC rating from 12% – 15% and I’m super excited to tell you guys this particular strain gives me a sensory sensitivity.  I know WTF, basically think of your 5 senses touch, hearing, smell, taste, and vision now with music, or walking through the sand in my garden, or eating something new bursting with flavor you will notice these things are 10x better with certain strains this one is that way for me.  She has a sweet, citrus clean but earthy taste really rather yummy to be honest.  It enhances my mood turning some music on and dancing in the sand allowing beautiful thoughts and memories but I have to say there’s only one thing I love the most with this strain looking across the smoke table and seeing my hubby smile he just beams with a smile from ear to ear and the reason I love this the most is because his normal look is angry, he always looks mad even when he’s not, so for this @thenirvanacenter I say thank you.  Great white shark tastes awesome I would love to try this in concentrate.

Things I’ve learned in the last couple of years is please don’t over medicate right out of the gate especially if you have had suicidal tendencies in your past.  I have found doing this can cause some anxiety attaches, when I first started medical marijuana I ate an entire edible and when the edible was at its peak I was very suicidal, down on myself, hating life and the pain, I was scared I would do something and I reached out for help.  First I researched cannabis high because I needed to ground myself in order to pull out of it and then I called and talked to someone.  That type of an anxiety attack hasn’t happened since thank God, probably because I have a better grip on life now however if this ever happens to you get some strait CBD and take little bits at a time until a better manageable head high or euphoria.  I add CBD to my daily regimen now because of the anti-inflammatory properties and it aide in pain management however at the peak of my pain I will take up to 4 grams of RSO oil at a time.

RSO oil has aided my Ulcerative Colitis, Intestinal cystitis, and bladder cancer symptoms it has also aided in keeping my WBC closer to normal ranges, I have noticed When I stop the RSO for more than two weeks my WBC goes up significantly, I have a lot more pain, I have a hard time thinking and I generally feel crapy until I get back on the RSO. Because I have chronic nausea I have to coat my stomach before I ingest any cannabis otherwise it’s not going to stay down and you don’t want to vomit RSO it burns like hell.

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