This beautiful lady as just hit my official number 1 strain of choice down to number 2, and it’s from Wickenburg Alternative Medicine in Scottsdale Arizona. it has taken 3 years to knock my old number 1 choice to a number to 2!, Thank you!! I think you guys are going to love it, so she is she has beautiful buds with Golds, Greens, and a slight hint of violet so beautiful dense buds.  She tasted earthy, sweet, with a slight citrus blend, the smoke was thick and lifting.  She is a Sativa hybrid 55/45, so with the energizing and stimulating Sativa, she has de-throne Paris OG.  Jack Herer is a slow hitter but when she hits, it’s amazing she starts out with the euphoria hitting me right between the eyes and just swimming through my mind, I’m relaxed and the pain I had was at about an 8 this morning actually woke me up early with the sharp stabbing pains in my side are now at about a 4, I did get the munchies and fried up some flour tortillas into chips and finished up the guacamole I made the other, and actually, a rather funny story.

I was trying to explain the whole well drama to my husband in text basically that good for nothing f@#$ stick contractor building right across the way from us, well during my live video he walks by painting a line and says “Hi Nicola” in a very low undertone walking with his head down very quickly, I finished my Live review and started telling my husband what happened well he didn’t understand so I took pictures to show him and he asked me to call the county and as about the rules for wells and how far apart they have to be.  Well, this county worker OMG!  Thank God I finished my review before all this started because this county worker was not the sharpest crayon in the chest, and then in just asking questions it was like he was putting me on trial he was so rude saying our dead mother had to come in and provide the pump serial number because the well still says it’s capped OMG!!! Normally I would have lost my cool by the end of the conversation because I have a serious allergy to stupidity, but I’m not naming any names or blaming him because maybe I was hard to understand so instead of being an a#$, I calmly rephrased the question and was actually able to get an answer that really helped.  Then I was able to text the best and shortest text explaining the entire 1-hour call in 10 words all while not burning any of my chips.  I was able to keep my cool and it was nice to be able to get off a phone call, getting the information I needed, being able to clearly and concisely explain the answer to my hubby that gave me the response of “ok”.

To explain a little of why this is so important to me, I lose words all the time, I have a hard time explaining myself with words, I know and I’m a writer right, when I’m sitting at my keyboard words flow out easier than explaining verbally I get frustrated then I lose more words and then I’m flustered and can’t talk at my computer I can wait for the words if I need to, but I’m not under pressure trying to get the info I need verbally, that’s why I sometimes really sound stupid on the phone with sponsors, and I send an email I’m sorry I get serious anxiety when surprised.  This is the first strain in a while that has helped me with that anxiety, I get that way when I get surprised in person, Like when I met the Owners of Wickenburg Alternative Medicine, they were having a vender day, and the owner was there and I didn’t expect, them and I felt so stupid because I lost words I got excited and just felt like a little kid in a candy store, I really felt dumn but, they are such amazing people and the help they have done for the community is amazing, it was so cool watching Mona’s face light up each time she saw one of per patients walk in, talking to each one and calling they by name from memory, I love that my memory sucks, but she and her husband such beautiful wonderful people and all their staff at Wickenburg Alternative Medicine, and don’t forget W.A.M is also a non-profit Dispensary in Surprise, Arizona helping the community one patient at a time!


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