We stopped at MMJ Apothecary dispensary in Wickenburg over the weekend, side note the staff was amazingly knowledgeable and the pharmacy was a nice little living room type setup with a couch and a TV that day it was playing the news,  My hubby must really love me because he found one of my favorite strains Paris OG in concentrate and the concentrate is made by no other than one of the best Extractors in Arizona Venom Extracts.  Ok, enough of the theatrics I’m just so excited this is the first time I’ve seen Paris OG concentrate!!

The Color is nice, it’s a clear golden oil, it’s a snap and pull shatter however because I did the photos first the oil got sticky, lesson learned, it has a very faint citrus sweet smell, too much smell means something was left in the product during production and then they package the half grams portions on these little plastic wrappers and put them it in these branded stay fresh pouches.  Leaving solvents, extracting liquids, butane, and all the way down to the foods you feed your plants those are all carcinogens that we don’t know how it’s going affect us 20 years from now, the cleaner the cannabis is the better it will be is my rule of thumb, I challenge dispensaries to email me their test results, post them in the waiting rooms of your dispensaries, or invite me in to do review education for so many that don’t know or are afraid to ask.   .

The first taste I get is a sweet lemon with a slight sweet pepper, the aftertaste can knock the breath out of me if I’m not careful.  Big hits, makes it really hard to breathe, or at least it feels that’s way, it’s not painful just scary the first time it happens just lay down on the floor and relax focusing on your breathing until it subsides.  You will then feel her blanket down your neck and shoulder relaxing as they go after my bladder starts to relax, I know I can smoke one more bowl at this time and it will sleep like a baby!

I smoked one dab approximately 60 minutes ago and I’m still sitting at a pain level of 4 the Paris OG is still doing its job at this point, I did get the munchies and made a bowl of broccoli cheese rice and even ate 2 cups and so far so good on keeping it down and here comes the sleepiez.

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