Pineapple chunk is a 50/50 hybrid with the effects weighing on the indica side.  She has a beautiful fresh sweet, pineapple, spice scent and the flavor is a mild sweet pine, pepper flavor.  She has a great taste however after a couple of hits my throat really burns.  The effect is quick lasting you feel the euphoria start swimming around in your head relaxing my back and bladder a bit.  This strain is good to stimulate appetite, I started cooking a small snack as I sat down to write this review.  I started this bowl with a pain level of about 8 and now I’m down to a 4, a 4 is manageable for me I still have some back and bladder pain as I’m sitting here writing, and I had to take a break sitting in my recliner helps the relaxation, and sitting in my computer chair causes my back to hurt much worse, however it’s good practice sitting up straight.  The pain never fully goes away and I’m ok with that, the first problem I had was the doctors throwing pills at us in the 90’s, and we didn’t fully understand that the only way for those pills to take all of our painfully away we would be dead, the pills would take our lives.  So please understand the pain never goes away we just learn new ways to control showing it, and it’s not always successful.

I ended up taking a short nap in my recliner, so if you suffer from insomnia this is a good strain, after I finished my video and brought all my props inside I was tired, my pain level did grow a bit, I was nausea and as I sat at my computer writing the review the pain in my back was hitting back up to about a 7, and I did notice I still had the cannabis actively working in my body (I was high, I still had all the head euphoria.) I decided to relax in my recliner giving my back a break, after about 10 minutes the cannabis had relaxed the back pain and bladder pain down to a 4 so of you notice that something is irritating your symptoms take a break from doing the activity for a little while but I return to the activity of sitting and writing in my chair because I consciously sit straight in my desk chair as uncomfortable as it becomes it’s a good exercise for my back, I’m only half crazy lol.

This beautiful bud has a beautiful pungent sent followed by quick euphoria effects that last a couple of hours.  This is a great “Stoner” high helping significantly with chronic pain, Stress, muscle spasms, depression, and insomnia.  Great job guys over at Cave Creek Cannabis my only complaint here is the throat burn, however, the taste, effects, and aroma helps make up for that!



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