As I’m sure most of you have heard of Pineapple Express and if you haven’t you need to, so this strain gives that creative spin to your day and shoves you into the day, but in a good way. This 70/30 Sativa dominant strain, depending on the source, Pineapple Express has a woody, earthy, and sweet citrus smell. She has a full body smoke tasting like earthy, funky, sweet pineapple taste that doesn’t linger much, however, the slight aftertaste you do get is a sweet pineapple and citrus taste. Her effects are slow acting for me but keep in mind I am a seasoned MMJ smoker so it may hit other quicker than myself.

Overall this strain is a must have for my house, this is one of the only strains that help get him up and going, it helps control his irritability, and just makes him a nicer guy. This is my husband absolute favorite strain Wickenburg Alternative Medicine, Thank you W.A.M. from the bottom of my heat, you see my husband has had a rough life just like the rest of us and not to go into any detail about him, simply because he does still work and we can’t afford for him to lose his job, he doesn’t trust easily and he always looks mad so when we get around new people they think he’s mad or upset when he’s not. With the Pineapple Express he smiles more in the morning, he still yells at the TV, but I’m normally in the smoke room with him and the Pineapple Express helps calm my anxiety when he’s yelling or getting mad at stupid things around us.

Don and I are opposites he voices his anger as a release, he isn’t yelling at a person per say, he’s venting, which is a very healthy way to do it as long as it isn’t hurting himself or anyone around him. I hold my anger in until I’m so mad the only thing there is to do is blow up, which is very unhealthy, Don and I are working together to get me over some of the PTSD I have acquired over the years.
In all the research I have done on cannabis and other natural remedies I have learned organically grown fruits and vegetables are better for your body and mind and I understand organic anything is expensive but keep in mind if you have an area that gets direct sun for part of the day starting a garden is an easy way to eat organically for less.

Overall This Pineapple Express lives up to its namesake “Pineapple Express” the movie she tastes clean, her smell and taste will have your mouth watering every time you pop that little medicine bottle open. As you take the first drag you will notice a slight creative cerebral, leaving you in a calm stimulating body and head euphoria. Pineapple Express is a heavy hitting if you’re a noob stop and wait about 15 minutes and see how your feeling and continue on at your own risk, lol your own risk of getting more of a euphoria like it’s a bad thing right! I give Wickenburg Alternative Medicine’s Pineapple Express 4 ¾ buds out of 5, and this makes it official you guys over there at W.A.M. have both my husband and myself favorite strains!!!!


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