This morning started to like too many other mornings sick to my stomach and I hate it so I decided to do my first dab this morning with you guys, I did a hot and hurtful dab to show the first couple of minutes after my first dab, and to talk about the difference in effects of concentrates vs. flower.  This morning I woke up with a pain level of a 9, the ulcerative colitis and interstitial cystitis had been acting up so nausea and vomiting are brutal.  I did a large dab of 707 Headband Concentrate a pungent earthy, sweet, pepper with a diesel aftertaste Indica from Wickenburg Alternative Medicine, I and most smokers call these hot and hurtful because the pepper diesel taste mixed with a more potent concentrate can knock the breath out of  you for a couple of minutes, as you see.  I am instantly hit with a slight head euphoria starting right between the eyes, it takes me about 3 minutes to recover from the first hit in the morning, calming the pain level to a comfortable 6, basically no sharp shooting pain from my bladder, as long as I control coughing for the first 3 minutes I can avoid any further vomiting, however in order to get an appetite and eat I will do another dab before the end of the video, that dab will also further reduce my pain level to a 4, and calm my shaking.  I believe it’s because of all the years of pharmaceutical abuse I deal with horrible daily side effects like chronic pain, chronic depression, lower immune system, bleeding disorders, neurological disorders and the one I hate the most the eating disorder have left me now looking at safer more natural remedies that keep my loved ones from watching me die a horrific death from cancer and everything else medically wrong.

With Medical Cannabis Strains like 707 Headband concentrates, my loved ones no longer come home to find a women laying on the bathroom floor with a garbage can next to her waiting for the next bout of dry heaving and diarrhea, they will try to pick her up and put her back into bed only to feel a boney sweat soaked, pale shell of a person begging for the torture to stop.  They will be strong brushing her hair back and telling her she’s beautiful and trying to lift her spirits wishing for a way to stop the torture for them.  This is torture to an entire family, not just the patient my family now looks forward to coming home and smoking with me when I’m that bad they even find a way to get it to me so I can take cannabis in any form and feel better.  With cannabis helping me with Chronic Pain, nausea, and even curing my cancer I am a happier person, more inquisitive, helpful, and ALIVE but most of all I’m healing.

I’m never going to be perfect and I don’t want to be, my past isn’t going to change but I have a new perspective a passion to show the world that someone like me can unlearn decades of lies and use a small part of what I have been through to show another side of survival, LIFE that’s worth a second look cannabis in the world of medicine.

About an hour after I smoked I was still in a good euphoric state, however, the welcomed sounds of hunger have started, normally as a first meal or small snack I eat is Malto Meal maple and brown sugar, of course, I will normally be ok with a small glass of milk and the start to my writing, it’s now been a couple of hours since I last  smoked live and my pain level is on the rise I’m back to a comfortable 6, so no sharp bladder spasms and pain, I have eaten about ½ cup of the Malto meal and milk and kept it down, I’m almost finished with this review and I’ve stated the article for the next show so I have been productive but I’m at the point in re-medicate for the afternoon.  When I re-medicate for the afternoon it allows me to get a few things around the house done before being active starts to become painful and I have to rest, so like doing dishes or some laundry, I will then lay down and rest for an hour or two watching a movie sometimes sleeping depending on how I feel I get up ready to be able to make dinner, normal daily or nightly routines.  One of the worst things at times can be being intimate, having serious bladder issues means the pain is right there and when the bladder spasms it causes a very sharp pain to radiate and these spasms can last hours and days when my bladder is pissed, just being intimate can cause the bladder to become pissed and become infected, it’s a torturous thing you think you will get used to using a catheter all the time or at least it wouldn’t be as painful but you really don’t.

We all deserve a good quality of life, our families deserve the opportunity medical cannabis affords us in all its forms, and cultivators and dispensaries that have been here helping us patients achieve a healthier safer quality of life deserve safe federal passage.  It’s time for the Cannabis prohibition to end, let the people benefit, heal, and rebuild using this resource what can it hurt?


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