Today I’m reviewing Birthday cake concentrate from Wickenburg Alternative Medicine in Surprise Arizona.  Birthday Cake is a 50\50 hybrid that leans more towards the indica effects.   This beautiful golden clear concentrate doesn’t really have an odor, however, the taste is a pungent fruity sweet vanilla flavor, she doesn’t have the pepper burn like so many concentrates I have used.  Birthday cake descends from Girls scout CookiesCherryherry Pie, I feel the effects of cannabis in my throat first with this strain making it feel like your throat is swelling a little, it’s not painful but as the effects move down my throat I can feel the cannabis relaxing my shoulders like a warm blanket covering me.

This evening before I smoked the birthday cake concentrate my pain level was at 9, and the first time I smoked cannabis today.  Because of cannabis prices over the last couple of years, I have had to learn how to ration the medication so I can get as much pain management coverage as possible, I have also learned that no matter how many pills I take some residual pain is good, it reminds me I’m alive.  I have been watching some of the documentaries on the opioid crisis, listening to some of the survivor’s stories, and can’t help but wonder why?

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been writing an article, technically the second part of the article, but I was really having a hard time finishing it, I finally finished the piece last night.  Writing the truth is painful, it’s stressful, but mostly it’s raw.  When a child grows up, were supposed to be strong, inquisitive, smart, and standing up for the rights of the weak, what we are really growing up into was a group of people that wanted to make their lives better for their kids than it was for them growing up and in more ways than not we failed, we overprotected our kids tried to teach them through our mistakes when in reality we were so damaged we couldn’t see far enough to completely help anyone.

As of last week, an Arizona Court made a decision saying concentrates in Arizona are illegal, I’m not sure how this is going to affect us yet, but please keep in mind when you’re a terminally ill patient, a cancer patient, epileptic, chronic pain, or mentally inadequate this concentrate helps us continue on with our day.  When we smoke the flower it helps, sometimes not a lot but it helps, when it comes to my pain flower is not adequate alone, I use the concentrates for better pain management coverage and smoke flower between dabs to keep the pain at bay, I have infused honey and added it to tea, I’ve cooked with it, and I smoke it, am I addicted…I’m not sure but one thing I know for a fact I like who I have become in the last couple of years so much better than I was, cancer may still take my life but I won’t have any regrets.  Cannabis has given me a second chance, a second chance to live, really be alive and I’m so thankful, I share my story with other patients like me that have basically slept walked through their lives like I did and I offer unconditional support, we all have demons some are better than others but the only way to beat them is to accept our shortcomings and learn from our mistakes and the most important part is non-judgement.  Sometimes we just need a little help and that’s ok.


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