Black Dream is a 50\50 Sativa hybrid, she has a sweet, fruity, woody, and diesel taste.  This is a great strain for a calm Sunday afternoon she will give you almost an immediate euphoric effect right between the eyes, and within about 10 minutes you can feel your body start to relax, the pain calms (I started this morning at a pain level of an 8 and now I’m down to a  4.  Black Dream descends from Jamaican Dream and Black Domina with a THC level between 15-20% leaning more towards the indica effects.  The concentrate is a golden brown with the consistency sugar wax consistently making it easier to get off the plastic.

This morning like so many I woke up sick to my stomach, I’ve been in quite a bit of pain that I’m managing with Medical Marijuana, I have been trying to get control of my eating disorder again, however, it’s just been really tough I have dropped calories again and sadly went 2 days last week without eating anything at all, I don’t have a body image problem I just forget to eat or I won’t eat because it makes me sick to my stomach.  For me Marijuana is a life saver without it I wouldn’t really be able to eat and what I did eat usually came back up.

Black Dream is an awesome strain for Insomnia, stress, pain, nausea, and inflammation.  The effects will leave you relaxed, sleepy euphoric, happy and uplifted.   The negatives on this strain for me was dry mouth and eyes, however, others you may experience are anxious, paranoid, and dizzy.  Overall this beautiful lady reduced my pain level to a 4, gave me a little bit of an appetite and I was able to eat a peach with cheesecake dipping sauce and kept it down, it reduces my stress and anxiety, with the bladder transplant coming up my anxiety and stress level have never been higher.  For most people that don’t have an immune deficiently, when I walk out of my house I take a risk, anyone and everyone I came into contact with can potentially make me sicker, if they are ill I am going to get.

Overall Wickenburg Alternative Medicine has the concentrates down, even though the wax recently has taken on a sugar wax consistency, when in fact it’s shatter.  There are many variables as to why extraction techniques results can vary, and in this case, it’s believed to be the high humidity.  The wax alone tasted clean I couldn’t taste any pesticides, no chemical taste, and the light golden brown coloring is a little dark but truly amazing.  This particular strain lasted about four hours before I had to re-medicate.  Great Job W.A.M. you guys are amazing, thank you for everything you do.


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