D Kush is a 50\50 hybrid, her THC ranges between 18-19% and she descends from Chem D, SFVOG Kush BX2.  She has a very pungent Sweet, skunky, citrus taste with a pepper diesel aftertaste so I have to chase dabs with ice cold water to soothe my throat, because of my medical history I have an extremely sensitive throat and some strains are harder on my throat than others.  Medicinally D Kush aides with stress, Depression, giggly, Insomnia, Headaches, and muscle spasms.  Before dabbing this morning I was at a pain level of 8.5, about 10 minutes after taking the dab the head euphoria starts to settle in leaving you about 30 minutes in with a good solid couch lock, this strain can be fun especially when I’m in a lot of pain, you see about 30 minutes after smoking there is what I like to call the D Kush ball and it can sneak up on you.  This strain has a hidden euphoria, the initial reaction for me to this strain starts out like a pure Sativa the body high, pain calms down, muscle spasms start relaxing allowing me about 30 minutes that I can move around easier and with much less pain, at about the 30 minutes mark I start feeling a cerebral euphoria start settling in if I lay down at this point I can easily drift off to sleep.

I have reviewed Canamo Concentrates, and this strain has been officially put on my re-review list.  I purchased 2 different indica concentrates  from Swell Dispensary and trying to remove the wax from the plastic insert didn’t work well, when the concentrates are thin please put them in silicone containers, Patients like me that have a hard time with their hands and pain in their hands struggle with these plastics in the summer in Arizona it’s bloody hot.

If you are a patient with similar troubles and you can’t get all of the concentrates off the plastic sheets you can wash the plastic sheets in ever clear, I have a Tupperware container I keep ever clear in to clean my dab rigs with, I usually will boil the ever clear off once a month and because I only clean out my concentrate bangers, nectar collector, or e-nail the reclaim is oil.  One of the first times I did this the concentrate tasted like a perfect caramel, I have never been able to repeat it but it was by far the best tasting, strongest concentrate I have ever had.



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