Double Dream is a Sativa Hybrid 90\10 with the THC levels at about 26%.  Double dream has the parent strains from Blue Dream and dream Star she has sweet, floral, with a hint of berries and spice.  This lady is an energizing, euphoric, happy, focused, and creative strain I’ve had in awhile.  As I settle in to my chair, I can feel the relaxation hit softly stating in the back of my head and blanketing all the way down my body leaving me snuggled up in my blanket, my chair reclined, with my keyboard and pad in my lap, as the key flow through my fingers I can feel the pain in my bladder relax some.

When we returned home from Tucson last week, I could feel the body crash coming on, from overdoing it, being stressed about being seen and The University of Arizona, cleaning the last several days because at the beginning of every summer we get ants and not like just a few, a crap ton, so at the beginning of the summer every year all cabinets, drawers, countertops, and floors are all cleared out and cleaned including all the dishes washed, this process takes me about a week to fully clean my kitchen twice a year.

As tired as I get from spring cleaning every year it’s worth it.  Cleaning helps me manage my stress, because of all the years of being sick it has taken its toile, and I have a compromised immune system, so as I wear down the pain will increase, nausea and vomiting will increase, I get dehydrated, my blood pressure and heart rate will skyrocket like this morning I took my blood pressure at about 10am and it said I  was at 114\160 with the heart rate of 119.  Yes this is high, the problem I run into is the more pain I’m in the higher my vitals became, then I get sick and vomit and the pain increases until I end up in the ER to control the downward spiral, I have tried to outlast this stage hoping to catch myself in an upswing… that never happens.  This beauty’s effects are uplifted, happy, focused, euphoric and giggly, Medicinally she helps with depression, stress, fatigue, pain, and headaches.

Overall Venom Extracts has this process down to a T, I have had several shatters, butter, honey, sugar, and BHO concentrates and there isn’t another extract company in Arizona that has had the best track record of clean concentrates, they all have a great flavor, awesome medicinal effects and really a great daytime productive strain, however, hit this concentrate a bit heavy and you may find yourself snoozing on the couch.


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