When we arrived at The Legends Event Center on Sunday, July 15, 2018, it was crazy the parking lot was full and trying to find parking was difficult, I don’t think they expected such a great turn out. Once we made it to the event center you could hear sirens all around us, my husband was a bit nervous at first, with Arizona interpreting the law on concentrates and neither one of us ever committing a crime the fear of the police breaking the event up weighed heavily on our minds. The line was around the building it was an amazing sight, patients waiting in line for an hour plus at times just to get a glimpse of the inside.

As you’re getting checked in you can see the smoke billowing from the building as patients are handed pre-rolls to smoke, there were three dabbing stations 1 was a THC concentrate and the other two were CBD dabbing stations, so the smoke in the air was getting a good mixture of CBD to help maintain a semi-clear head. As we walked in we saw lines at every booth, some lines at time circled the booths just to get a chance to spin the wheel and get free gear they were giving away hats, cups, pre-rolls, pamphlets, education, education, education, and even giving us the opportunity to see the products they submitted to the contest.

I was almost immediately greeted by a fellow Instagram dabber @dadneedsdabs and his beautiful wife with Venom Extracts, their booth was in the middle of the building and as we stood there smoking a pre-roll I was handed, the heat started to overwhelm me a bit, looking around at all the smoke in the air fanning ourselves we decided to take a small break and do a live outside and check in with our fan, we started to make our way to the outside eating area. There were 3 or 4 food trucks outside and a large eating area with several people eating, some just sitting and trying to take a break from the heat inside, however, it was a hot and muggy day here in Phoenix Arizona so it’s not much of a break. We went live on YouTube and Instagram with all the medical marijuana patients, the music blaring in the background, and meeting some really cool people like @A2ZPurle, got some amazing feedback from fans such as the carcinogens levels and think it’s amazing these issues are on the consumers’ minds, so we will be doing a show on the testing procedures what Arizona requires for Cannabis testing and what we need to include on these tests.

Overall the event was a lot of fun, I personally didn’t have anxiety about smoking in public, however, a few others did, there were a couple of panic attacks that I head of and the fire department for EMS was called and had to respond to a couple of people over smoking and not wanting to wake up after dabbing so please remember your ability if it’s a new thing for you or your just a light user that’s okay know your limitations. This is a medicinal product at this point, being the responsible user only furthers our cause, cannabis is meant to heal it has the wonderful side effects that we all love like euphoria or easing the symptoms from major illness like cancer, HIV, chronic illness, chronic pain, arthritis, mental disorders, addiction sufferers, and so many others but its the main purpose is to heal. Heal the mind, the body, and help the spirit attain balance the side effects are a bonus to help us maintain a happy mind and body.

Thank you Errl Cup and all the attendees I will tag as many as I was able to talk to and thank you all for your time it was a busy crazy event and I loved talking to you all.


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