This beautiful strain was named by Snoop Dogg himself, her origins start with Skunk #1 and an unknown partner strain.  She has a 24% THC and I’m not really sure about where the CBD levels sit as I don’t have her testing papers, she has a pungent sweet mango fruity skunk flavor to her and golden sugar wax granules gleaming in the sun makes your mouth water looking at her, it’s love at first taste.  Before dabbing this morning I was at a pain level of 7.5 after dabbing my pain level decreased to a comfortable 5 pretty quickly.  This is a Sativa dominant 65\35 hybrid that will give an experienced smoker a jolt of creative energy allowing my figures to glide over the keys of my keyboard and allowing the words to flow effortlessly across the keys.

About 30 minutes into the creative buzz I find hunger is dragging me into the kitchen to heat up some pizza, a Sicilian style meat lover’s dream pizza, chronic nausea flares my eating disorder and cannabis really assists me with eating and this strain is a great help, when I have the munchies as long as I don’t overeat I’m usually pretty good, if I overeat instead of tossing the cookies, I’ll be tossing the pizza and it’s much too good for that.

Having an eating disorder without a bad body image I think is harder than with a bad body image, when I feel good I feel like I can eat anything when in reality I have to be careful not to over eat, not to eat something on my “Bad list” (“bad list” is foods that will cause my interstitial cystitis or my ulcerative colitis to become angry), or not drinking enough fluids having a problem with any of these will land me in the hospital, Do Not Pass Go Do Not Collect 200 Dollars.  I control my eating disorder on a daily basis with cannabis, if you have ever known someone with an eating disorder they will do just about anything during the height of their problem not to eat, I am currently 15 pounds down in the last 6 weeks and getting worried.  I haven’t tried to restrict, I haven’t spent my days looking at the scale and exercising I developed Ulcerative Colitis, ulcers, interstitial cystitis among a few other issues and staying hydrated as well constipated doesn’t happen anymore, 1 I’m very thankful for and the other not so much.  Becoming a slave to food has really been a challenge, having to face my fear and find new ways of staying healthy has been stressful and exciting I have had to start writing down the Cannabis strains that really promote the munchies with me, I’ve learned to start doing light Yoga to keep my intestines moving and keep everything stretched.  Eating disorders are stressful, they constantly whisper in your ear, they scare the hell out of everyone involved from patient to parent, and they are unforgiving so please if you suffer from an eating disorder find the comfort zones that help you eat and keep it down life is worth every day you’re not a slave to it.

After eating I can usually settle into a comfy chair and start writing away, working on a few articles and the book right now I need all the help this Sativa offers, the effects are a cerebral, creative, energizing, focused happy buzz that will allow me hours of creative writing.  Recently I’ve been asked to write how my disabilities limit me and I decided a daily diary may be the easiest way to explain some of my limitations, one of the things I’ve had to document is how many time I go to the bathroom and it’s like 3 times an hour, Omg how do I get any writing down plus I have to catheterize every time so it’s freaking time-consuming.  Could you imagine how mad an employer would be, lol hold that though I have to go to the bathroom a million times because with Interstitial cystitis there isn’t a waiting period, when you gotta go you gotta go now, otherwise your bladder is going to make you pay you will be in so much pain you can stand and then the bladder will clamp shut and the only way to void the bladder is to have the hospital nurse force in a folly to a bladder that is clamped shut.  This continues throughout the day I just find it crazy that one part of the body can affect so much, physically and mentally.

As always Wickenburg Alternative Medicine or W.A.M. does an amazing job and they are being nominated by High Times Magazine for the Best of 2018 you have my vote and thank you from patients like me for an amazing product and overall an absolutely amazing dispensary and staff, we love you!!


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