Inner Chi is a Sativa dominant hybrid, I’m not sure the numbers without a test at this point but the THC sits at about 24%.  She descends from Larry OG Kush and OG Kush both highly potent parents.  The buds are said to be highly resinous bud, her strong pungent aroma citrus, fruity, sweet, with a kick of spice tastes good but I believe flushing an additional week would cut down on the burn, for people that have sensitive throats, that being said different nutrients and foods if not fully flushed from the plant before processing will leave a strong unpleasant taste.

The effects from this lady hit you in the head first, to be more precise in the base of the skull in the back of the neck, I bring this up only because if you get a strong uncomfortable twinge in the back of your neck stop smoking, the first time I felt this with this strain it was weird and I thought I was getting a headache so I continued smoking the bowl I was smoking and it actually caused a headache to start, good rule of thumb if this happens with the strains keep a small amount of liquid CBD and drink 2 tablespoons and it will relax a headache away.

Most medical Cannabis is accredited with helping “typical” migraines, however, if you’re a migraine patient like me that suffers from cluster migraines I have to watch all narcotics and in this case, cannabis is classed as a narcotic.  Narcotics can cause migraines to spiral out of control, causing return migraines to control my actions for days, even weeks, I have found with my migraines less is more.  I will use regular Tylenol along with my migraine medications and continuous hot showers until I pass out.  Showers work great for some of the pain, I will have little to no pain while I’m in the shower but the minute I get out of the hot shower I can feel a headache start to come back, creeping up and over my head until it cozies up right between my eyes.  Showers normally buy me about 10 minutes to get dried off, dressed, and hopefully, fall asleep before the 10 minutes are up and the process repeats for hours.

The pain management for this strain wasn’t as controlling as I was hoping, I started the review at about an 8 and it’s been 2 hours and the relief didn’t help much or last so I mixed up a bowl of Blue Diamond that we picked up from Swell dispensary and a chunk of Inner Chi from Venom in my bowl.

I have to first say the taste OMG! The taste I’m going to call this an Indica Garbage Bowl, she tastes like a sweet citrus fruity blend of heaven in a bowl.  I started this bowl at a pain level of 8.5 the sharp stabbing pain in my abdomen has been driving me nuts, my bladder hates me and I believe that’s the perfect description, my head was slightly hurting, I have gone 3 days without eating because I get so nausea, so bad I can’t get out of bed, and to add insult to injury when I got out of the tub this morning I slipped and my back hurts.  The first hit on this garbage bowl and the pain immediately starts to melt away, I decided to make some Malto Meal and was able to eat and keep it down, and I drifted off to sleep for 2 hours it was the best rest I’ve had in a couple of months and I’m starting to feel better.

Pain Management can be tricky with cannabis, however, since there hasn’t been an actual overdose on cannabis ingesting a little more cannabis until I have reached the desired effect is safer than any other pain medication on the market today.


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