King Musa shatter is an indica hybrid 55/45 with a THC level of 18-19% and I’m actually not seeing the CBD levels but I will keep looking.   The taste is a strong sweet earthy skunk with the pepper afterburn because I have a very sensitive throat from the years of treatments and vomiting keeping some ice cold water on hand to soothe my throat otherwise the burning lasts anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes on average.

I had a hard night last night so I had an even slower morning, mornings like this suck because I don’t have the strength to get all of the things done I want to get done, so this morning I was out of bed and in the shower by 7 it took me almost 3 hours to get ready for this review, simply because by the time I’m ready to start the video I’m ready for a nap and my pain is at a max of 8.5 and it’s after 10 am and getting hot so to run through this I have officially put this strain on re-review status, which basically means I didn’t get enough of a taste to fully review the product and I am reserving the right to re-review a new batch once it’s harvested.  I do this for a couple of different reasons 1.  I’m not here to bully there could be several reasons for the product to taste chemically enhanced.  2.  A switch in nutrients.  3.  The product wasn’t fully flushed before harvest.

The second topic I would like to address with this review is know your products and patients,  haha, yes I to hear the irony, when your shatter doesn’t snap and pull, but rather smear all over the plastic inside the envelope use a silicone container because the consistency is to thin I’m having a hard time getting the shatter off the plastic, I refrigerated the shatter overnight that didn’t help and the next night I froze it and still can’t get it off the plastic.  In Arizona, in the summer it’s too hot to be transporting these concentrates in the plastic sheets using a silicone container for all concentrates that are of a honey consistency this just make the patients’ lives a little easier.  Overall the product tasted ok, it was a short lasting euphoria at least for someone that has as high a tolerance as I do purely because I smoke every day and use RSO every day.

I have had Canamo Concentrates before and didn’t have these problems so I’m chalking it up to a hard run and will schedule a re-review.  Thank you Canamo for all you do for us patients, you are amazing!


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