Today started out like most mornings only my stomach is really irritated, it always seems the morning after I eat pretty well my stomach punishes me, which does make me question addiction more specifically trading one addiction for another.  This is a touchy subject amongst smokers most believe it’s not an addictive substance, it’s natural, and a safer form of pain management.  I worked until just over two years ago, thanks to cannabis I made an informed decision to focus on my health issues, and the controversial Medical Marijuana.

Merlot Concentrate was made by W.A.M. Wickenburg Alternative Medicine, this beautiful golden sugar granules type substance is a cannabis concentrate sugar wax.  This Pungent tasting Skunky, earthy, sweet potato, concentrate aids with chronic pain, stress, euphoric, nausea, and appetite enhancer.  Since I have an eating disorder I tend to lean towards strains that help increase appetite and calm nausea, if I can control the pain from the Interstitial Cystitis and the ulcerative colitis I can normally control the urges to restrict food intake, I don’t look in the mirror I don’t see myself poorly so when I restrict it’s a way of control within myself, I can’t control the pain but I can control what the pain makes me do like vomit.  This is not a healthy way to look at food and control but it’s honest, so many people see a medical record and a face and assume.

With cannabis activism today there is one thing we all have in common more today than ever before, addiction.  Addiction in today’s society is out of control, the problem is we aren’t all suffering by a physical ailment that can be seen every day by everyone.  Is trading one addiction for another always bad?  I am a different person on cannabis than on opioids, I can think more clearly, I eat appropriately or at least more appropriately, I can relax and feel better, and I have at least a 20% cancer cell reduction.

With cannabis actually helping me make healthier choices, I am now a full participant in life, I’m happy, I’m still in some pain but nothing like it was, and I’ve never been happier to have a second chance at life!

I want to thank all Cannabis activists, educators, cultivators, and supporters without cannabis I wouldn’t be here today, that’s why I started this channel and my blog site.  I took 100 grams of RSO live for the world to see cannabis isn’t scary, I smoke flower and concentrate live to show there is nothing criminal about Medical Cannabis and honestly it’s so much better on the human body than anything Big Pharma has given me, so again my question remains is there something wrong with trading one addiction for another (specifically, Opioids vs Cannabis for my chronic pain)?  Please post  the answer below Thank you lots of Love Nicola Dickens



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