OMG, where to start this beautiful strain, is named after a precious metal and immediately tugged on my heartstrings she has an earth sweet woody potato taste that has a lingering sweet pepper flavor that knocks the breath out of me every time, however leaving a euphoric creative stimulating buzz for a short while before either leaving me in a comfortable couch lock or a swirling buzz that helps me clean the house a little maybe a little light Yoga before settling in to my writing.

Now that over an hour has passed and I was distracted like crazy OMG pain level has gone from a 7.5 to a 4 almost immediately after catching my breath, This strain has given me the courage to talk about 2 things that I’m extremely sensitive about my teeth and my eating disorder, my eating disorder didn’t cause the tooth decay I have chemotherapy and years of Big Pharma abuse to thank for that, now this abuse was on my end just as much as on the doctors end, but nobody likes to see a cancer patient in pain.  I talk about these things with this strain because it has a 1% CBN now that’s not a lot however for those of that know CBN is One of the Cannabinoids responsible for some of the sleepiness and hunger you feel when you use this product it also aids in pain relief, by activating the peptides in your body from the sensory nerves, reduces the risk of Glaucoma and stops the progression of Glaucoma, prolonging seizure latency activity, antibacterial, stimulates appetite, and has anti-inflammatory properties, OMG give me more of that right!!  So CBN is degraded or aged cannabis it may be less potent, however, the benefits outweigh that one negative.  You will find CBN is more prominently in the indica strains, Sleep Hills Labs reports from their study.

Between the nausea and vomiting and the effects of chemo and honestly my inability to afford to be able to go to a dentist has left me with a mouth that hurts all the time, it wakes me in the middle of the night throbbing and stabbing in my mouth, and sadly still can’t afford to see a dentist.  I’m sure my Eating Disorder contributed to the damage to my teeth, but it wasn’t fully to blame I hide my smile with my hand or something in my hand when I talk, it really hurts my confidence and demeanor to just be able to walk up to someone and talk to them without feeling like they are looking at me like a crackhead it blows you want to scream it’s not what you think.  Kinda funny so why not add it in, I got a call yesterday about Adam Sandler’s casting agents saw my photo and wanted me to audition as an extra, nothing huge but it was exciting so I’m here if you need me to shoot me an email if interested just kidding (maybe?), I’ll trade it out for dental work lol.

Eating disorders are nothing to laugh about or judge someone about it’s literally painful to have food sitting in front of us we want to eat but our body and mind start rejecting it, appropriate attention helps, my husband and I have started talking daily just him and I no tech just us and a dab or a joint something and it may only be 5 to 10 minutes a day, I may go to the garage and hand him tools when he’s working and we talk I have to make the effort to make an appropriate effort to communicate with him every day.  I have learned by experience when those of us, me included have outside stressors, not enough attention and human contact, or severe chronic pain we tend to fall back into our Eating Disorder ways, Ed is quite comforting and accepting when he’s whispering in our ears, his promises sound good but don’t forget following Ed can be fatal.

Thank you Wickenburg Alternative Medicine for yet another amazing product this is why you are being nominated for New Times Dispensary of 2018!!!!   Thank you and We Love YOU!!!

Peptides: when 2 or more amino acids are linked in a chain.    Latency: the state of existing but not being developed yet.  Sensory Nerves: or Afferent Nerve: A cluster of cable like nerve fibers coming from the Sensory receptors in the PNS (Peripheral Nervous System).


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