As I’m inhaling this strain I look down and see the subscriber counter on my YouTube click over two more clicks and I can feel the euphoria blanket over my body leaving me happy, relaxed, focused, and hungry.  As I click away at the keys I remember I have a peach waiting in the kitchen, so yes I dropped everything for a snack.

This month is dedicated to all my fellow Eating disorder patients I have reviewed several strains of cannabis that help me relax and build an appetite, I have reviewed a few strains that help me get motivated to do some light yoga, exercise is hard for me having cancer, interstitial cystitis, ulcerative colitis and scoliosis so light Yoga is all I can do.

Seeking help for an Eating Disorder has to be body and mind healing together, most eating disorder victims have a major crutch like drug addiction (whether the drugs are Big Pharma or on the street they are the same, addictive and killers), they have had a hard life if only in their minds eye, when you look at yourself in the mirror every day and you don’t like what you see it doesn’t matter if it’s not really what you look like it’s what you see that what the patient in some cases, is needing to correct, whether they are losing weight because they believe they look fat or because of a medical condition like myself.  We, most of the time have unhealthy eating habits if we are eating at all, some try to over exercise to keep the weight off, some will force themselves to vomit every day for an undefined amount of time, I am not like that my eating disorder started in high school and it was mostly a control thing, I was always sent away for the summers and I had a new boyfriend and you know how teenagers are, it’s the end of the world when they don’t get what they want, I thought it was a good idea to start restricting at my Aunt and Uncles house because I wanted to be with my boyfriend.  My parents didn’t give in which I believe was the right decision and that calmed my eating disorder down again until I got sick.  I don’t think my parents thought I had an eating disorder but when I gained 60 pounds in a few months to try to detour my mother’s uncles wandering hands, that was the start of Ed or my eating disorder, he whispered in my ear and became my best friend during a very difficult time.

Years of intermittent chemo sucks I went through the first 3 cancers without cannabis but I was done ready to give up and my kids and hubby started pushing “the pot”, lol back then my kids would laugh at me because right after I received my card in the mail I told the kids who were 15 and 17 at the time that I was going to “the Pot Store” to get some medicine and they thought that was the funniest thing, but that day I discovered a new world, the vomiting slowed way down, I found I didn’t need some of the meds I was taking on a daily basis, I was more alert and interested in live again.  That’s what the “Pot Store” did for me that day and I haven’t looked back, I’m on 15 fewer pills a day and that’s different pills, I think I was taking almost 20 pills in the morning alone that’s a lot of pills.  Think of the damage those pills were doing to me and that wasn’t including the pills I abused.  I started going to the medicine cabinet and slowly reducing the pills finding out that cannabis was correcting some of the daily side effects I live with, I did this in conjunction with my doctor, he knew I was using cannabis and was on board affirming my discontinuation of several “Big Pharma” pills because cannabis was aiding my healthy recovery, warning me only not to use to much as it can cause anxiety attacks.

With the aid of this wonderful Sweet Dreams Concentrate strain I have been relaxed for 2 hours now making the phone calls to Mikel L with the organization, and furthering my contacts with dispensaries around the valley comfortably at a pain level of 4 still 2 hours later I am starting t get the sharp stabbing pain from another ulcer another wonderful side effect from an opioid addiction and an Eating Disorder, the euphoria is gone leaving me in a comfortable state for about 2 hours.  Allowing me 2 hours that I can think clearly, 2 hours I can write comfortably because sitting for too long is horribly painful (1 hour can be too long), so anything that can help elevate pain, allow me to eat and keep it down, think clearly (pain messes with your head and chronic pain can cause anyone to go crazy and want to die), sleep, and allows my body to heal I can’t be closed minded to any longer because I was for a long time, anyone that goes through the torture of cancer 3 times with only “big Pharma” products and survives, in my opinion, has the right to choose their treatments.  We as people have the right to survive, we have the right to choose our treatments, “Big Pharma” has killed: according to Pharma Death Clack Chemotherapy has killed 18,560,292 (which sadly was the only site I could find with the statistics on Chemotherapy-related deaths,and I do question where he got his statistics), Opioids 42,000+ according to The CDC, just to name a few and Cannabis in any and all its forms still at a whopping 0 according to The War on Drugs. this doesn’t include all the other deaths every year from street drugs and then there’s the crime, violence, accidents, accidental deaths (pedestrians and animals that “got in the way”) and pharmaceuticals that are being sold on the street from other countries but cannabis is still ZERO.  The choice seems simple but people are still going to prison because of law interpretations.

How does that work the law is written then people interpret to mean what they want it to mean, that seems stupid to me, interpreting a law should be illegal in my opinion, I looked at the numbers I understand the narcotic issue and that cannabis is a class 1 narcotic, however if your using cannabis or any of its derivatives it all falls under the same plant, it all comes off the flowers of these plants it doesn’t matter the form whether it’s concentrate, edible, flower, keif, or hash.  Nothing else if purchased through a reputable source should be in these concentrates so why the tension and idiocrasy over this issue, am I a criminal because I use these products to help aid in my well being?  Well, we’re going to find out more tomorrow when we meet and talk to our new friend Mikel Weisser from the NORML organization.

Wickenburg Alternative Medicine has been nominated for The Best of Phoenix 2018 and it’s well deserved.  Mona one of the owners I talked to gleamed as she greeted her patients by name asking about their day and truly interested in each patients day is a beautiful quiet lady that travels to and from the cultivation site and the dispensary, which are several miles apart.  They opened their doors in 2013 as the Surprise Arizona non-profit cannabis dispensary and they are extended their helping hand to all the patients in need along the way. I discovered them in 2016 when pretty much all they had was some top shelf flower and probably only about 15 strains, we fell in love with their pineapple express and still go when we see it on the menu today!!  Thank you from Patients like me that get the products they need to save their lives, Thank you!!!



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