Find these items in the Seek and Find Image to Win!!

The Weed Tube Beaker Bubbler – Fixed with a 14 mm female joint this mini beaker is the perfect size to blast off and Raise up!

Raw 1 ¼ Wide Organic Papers – A clean puff every time you puff thanks to these RAWsome organic pears.  Grown without harsh pesticides, you can feel a little better about each drag.

Clipper Full Size Lighter – Clippers are some of the most useful lighters out there, each one complete with a poker.  Simply pull on the flint “sparker” and out comes your handy little tool.  Flip the whole thing over and you’ll find the part to refill with butane.

Kush Hem Wraps – These all-natural pure hemp wraps are an awesome and tasty way to smoke! Trouble keeping them closed?  We like to dip our finger in a little bit of water and run it down the seam to help seal it.

RES Remover – Just add water, toss in a dirty pipe and let it soak.  Simple as that!  Pour it in your bong and shake for a perfect clean as well.  How much easier can cleaning be?  The best part is the solution is reusable, doesn’t matter how dirty the liquid looks.

The Original Cones TM King Size 3 cone pack – Keep that party going!  Just because the summer is winding down doesn’t mean the fun stops here at the Daily High Club

Seek and Find August Daily High Club 2018

DHC x TWT Bong Matt – Spaced out for you to get lifted, this will help you.  As our good friend Woody from Toy Story would say, “Reach for the Sky!”

Buddies Tube – Bring the arty with you wherever you go – just pop the top, insert your roll of choice, and you’re ready to boogie!

Smojo Smoke Screen – Smojo screens keep that bong clean!  Their patent-pending smokescreen is specially designed to prevent pull through and promote airflow.

100% Natural Hempwick – Hemp wick is the ultimate way to light up, don’t get it twisted – or do! Twist the hemp wick up around your lighter to ensure you’ve always got a clean, tasty hit.

DHC x TWT Sticker Set – Be proud!  Raise that bong and show us what you can do!  What Kind Of awesome content can you create? Share it with us using #DailyHighClub for your chance to win!!!

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