Daily High Clubs August El Primo Box 2018

$30.00 with free US Shipping

Each massive box is stuffed to the brim with the latest and greatest smoking supplies. All of our hand-picked favorites!


  • You’ll always get new glass for your mantle
  • $80 worth of products
  • Always get the essentials

*$11 shipping to Canada
*$18 shipping to

This Box was mailed in a plain brown box that had no marking every hit and beyond! With this completely safe and easy to use candy Watermelon Pipe, every puff is a treat.  Insert the plastic straw into the mouthpiece to prevent resin from building up inside. that depicted cannabis or cannabis paraphilia so when I saw the DHC postage mark I was excited because I knew what it was going to be< so let’s open this baby up!

The Lollipipe 100% Edible Candy Pipe Savor the flavor of

Hemparillo Sweet Hemp Wraps All natural and made from pure Canadian Hemp, these extra-long wraps are perfect if you need something to do while waiting for the pizza man.  Sometimes these wraps have a little trouble keeping closed.  If you find yourself having similar problems try wetting your finger with some water – that usually does the trick for us!

Raw Pre-Rolled Cone, King Size Recipes are hard enough, don’t worry about adding rolling to the mix.  We’ve got you covered with these all-natural papers that are always printed with a crisscross watermark to ensure an even slow burn.

Buddie Tube Perfect protection for anything from pre-rolls to pretzel sticks.  Be sure to keep your stash safe from the outside world!

MK Mini grip Lighter It’s hard to cook without heat, so let’s get this fire started! Roast a bowl or two while you’re chillin’ out by the grill.  No barbecue is complete without some smoke!

Juicy Jay Watermelon Flavored 1 ¼ rolling papers Perfect to combat the midsummer heat!! These papers are bursting with flavor thanks’ to Juicy’s triple Dip-Tech!  1 ¼ wide papers are a classic in the roll-your-own world; thanks to their size they can hold more herbs and are easier to twist!

14mm Female Frosted donut Rig Satisfy that sweet tooth with a tasty treat! Our Delicious donut rig comes frosted with a 14 mm female joint and a four whole puck perc.  Can’t forget the toppings!  Sprinkled on the top is a donut freshly fried for you! 

DHC Sticker Set When it comes to sharing, everyone loves snacks and stickers and smoke!  Show us where you share yours with #DailtyHighClub!

Thank You so much Daily High Club for this awesomely fun box and please remember addiction is no joke seek help the street drugs these days are deadly and not worth chasing the  dragon.  I understand the power of addiction and PTSD and the only analogy I can compare is a padded room in a psyc-ward somewhere, when I used pills it was to help ease the pain, physical and mental pain, I began using more pills to try to cushion my brain, until I found cannabis.  Today I use cannabis as my padded room, I know I’m safe, I can dab into my past and start coming to terms with my problems without as much stress or anxiety, with cannabis I feel I’ve gotten a second chance to see the world and the people around me in a new color “Green”.  I will never judge someone for their addictions because I’ve had a hard struggle, but from everything that I have read, watched, written, talked to people about and personally witnessed is the question I leave you with; would you prefer a padded room to go crazy in or hard brick wall to bounce off of?  

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