Skywalker OG or otherwise known as “Skywalker OG Kush” is a heavy Indica strain 85\15 she’s crossed the popular Skywalker X OG Kush strains.  Skywalker OG smells like spicy herbs and sweet fruits by tasting the bud I can taste the natural flavors of the plant as well as any impurities like pesticides or leftover foods not fully flushed from the plant before harvest.

Over the weekend I stopped in at my favorite smoke shop The Little Amsterdam and picked up this cool 2 gram Yoda head bowl I’m in love with it and it was less than $15. I brought it home to my husband because we have all these small bowls that you have to load every 4 drags and it’s irritating because your watching something you have to stop what your watching to load another bowl especially if you smoke like us, and I handed it to him and said there is that big enough and we both laughed, loaded it and started seeing how long it would take us to smoke this bowl, by the way, it’s 15-20 drags.

Skywalker OG has a THC level of about 20-25% on average and a 2% CBD level.  This strain is a very euphoric strain, relaxing from my head to my toes, taking my pain level from an 8 this morning to a comfortable 5, even if I continue to smoke at this level the pain doesn’t really decrease any further I will just become more euphoric and giggly and you guys have watched my “100 drag challenge” video you know.  At this point I can go either way if I sit and watch a movie I can relax into a euphoric couch lock and eventually I’d fall asleep, or I start on a project like writing, painting, doing another video that kind of thing I will relax into a rhythm until the project is done and sometimes get a little wordy.  Skywalker OG comes on slowly, kind of creeping up behind you, sometimes taking up to 10 minutes to feel the effects, but as I smoke I will start to relax my back and abdomen muscles and that’s when I know I’m going to start getting to that feeling of comfort, not fully out of pain but sitting at a comfortable enough level get my day going.

No “pain management” be it pills, physical therapy, or medical marijuana is supposed to take all your pain away, we are getting older and the activities we’ve done in our youth even a year ago are going to take there toll on your body and your going to feel it my mom used to call them growing pains when I was a kid I used to just think growing pains were just for kids but we abuse and have abused our bodies and for some of us for many years we’re going to feel it, that’s normal making all the pain go away isn’t sadly, because we all have to wake up sometime.

I started this channel to show a real person using a real plant bought from reputable local dispensaries and caregivers, and that it’s not scary, I’m not doing anything crazy and stupid, I don’t hurt people or animals and a matter of fact please stop putting it on social media I know we need to be aware of it and I believe we are so please take the horrible images and videos down I feel for those poor animals and I can’t get the image out of my head for the longest of time.  With this plant and the flower I smoked this morning I was able to eat, do the few dishes I have left, start dinner in the crock pot, I love crockpot cooking I’m going to be doing an infusion series on crockpot cooking I think will be fun.  I have been able to walk away from opioids and that’s really the biggest thing for me the creativity, the happiness in my life, this new honestly kind of scary journey I have embarked on are just the perks.  Not to mention the friends I have made in person and online have made this journey the most special journey I have taken this far thank you.  I was one of the lucky ones I was chasing that dragon once trying to find that same level of happy and pain free I once had, chasing a dream my first Medical Marijuana epiphany as I call was an eye opener I saw all the mistakes I had made and suddenly I knew how to start fixing them I figured out how to get my life back on track, and that really scares me especially now with all the celebs thinking they can beat it, they are invincible, I thought that once too.  My heart and prayers go out to Mac Millers family and loved ones you will be missed you’ve knocked, knocked, knocked your way into our hearts.

Now back to our regularly scheduled review Skywalker OG is a great Indica for anyone looking for a focused euphoric cerebral creativity or just want a great couch lock and an even better nap Skywalker OG is one of my favorites alongside a good Paris OG.  Good Job Wickenburg Alternative medicine, you guys have quickly become one of my favorite dispensaries in the Phoenix Valley!!


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