Turquoise Jeep descends from DJ Shorts Blueberry and Goji OG and is a 50\50 hybrid, her name comes from the unique and magnificent colors this plant produces in flower.  Her amazing flavor profile of citrus, sweet berry, and earthy undertones is the perfection of taste.

Today I am reviewing the concentrate form of Turquois Jeep from Wickenburg Alternative Medicine.  The shatter is a golden brown sugar wax consistency, I’ve talked to the guys over at W.A.M. and this is a concentrate that has been affected by the humidity, which has been very high lately.  Not much is known about Turquoise Jeep online as far as it’s THC levels, or CBD levels so I’ll tell you how it makes me feel.  I vaped this concentrate in my bong, the first taste it’s very sweet berry citrus, and earthy.  She goes down like a smooth pepper, I first fell it in my throat as it moves down my body and up into my head I start feeling happy, relaxed, euphoric, focused, and sleepy.  Medicinally this strain would help with fatigue, nausea, stress, pain, lack of apatite, and muscle spasms.  The negatives with this strain are Dry eyes and mouth, dizzy, paranoid, and headaches.

Overall the taste is amazing and other than not looking like a traditional shatter I’m still very happy with the end product as always Wickenburg Alternative Medicine this is a beautiful bouquet of fresh sweet citricy berries that I will enjoy, Thank you.


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