White Widow hails from Brazilian Sativa Landrace and a resin heavy South Indian Indica, with THC levels between 18-25% with CBD 1% and CBN 1%.  White Widow is one of the most infamous strains bred in the Netherlands in the 90’s and has been visited the shelves of most European coffee shops since.  With White Widow’s higher THC content makes her ideal for stress, depression, chronic pain, fatigue, and muscle spasms with the effects of relaxed, happy, uplifted, euphoric, and creative and the negatives of this strain unlike Big Pharma I could only find 5 Dry mouth and eyes, dizzy, paranoid, and anxious.  If you do experience any of these negative side effects or her high is just too much for you consume some CBD and it will counter those “heady” effects.

White Widow has an earthy, woody, flowery, sweet, fruity taste that has grown worldwide recognition due to the TV show Weeds.  White Widow was given its name because it’s covered in white crystals, with me this strain is a great daytime strain giving a boost of energy with a mixed head euphoria, creativity, and stimulating allowing my fingers wander over the keys stringing letters into words and then into paragraphs.

The White Widow Concentrate is a thick sugar wax consistency that is dark golden brown in color.  Her effects will usually last about 2 hours allowing me the time to clean my kitchen with less pain or write a few more paragraphs of my book.  As far as hunger or munchies she is a winner it’s time to learn moderation, being able to eat recently has been amazing, tasting the flavors and creating new infused dishes, however, overeating is also extremely painful when I’m having a flare up of my ulcerative colitis.

Overall White Widow has been amazing, thank you Wickenburg Alternative Medicine it’s been my pleasure to review your cannabis!!


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