Blue Dot is a Sativa dominant hybrid 80\20, she was created by a cannabis patient using his favorite strains, which is very rare.  Blue Dot is a four-way cross between White Widow, Skunk, Big Bud, and Northern Lights #5, she has a fair THC level between 11-15%.

Blue dots effects will have you lifted, happy, energetic, focused and giggly treating medicinally Dry eyes and mouth, treating medicinally stress, lack of appetite depression, headaches, chronic pain, fatigue, PTSD, and Bipolar.  When I first dabbed this my pain level was at an easy 8 which basically mean the pain was pretty high but no sharp stabbing pain, I believe I’m starting a body crash which means the pain nausea is only going to get worse, I was extremely nauseated this morning, 5 minutes after dabbing I start feeling the pain relax down and the nausea starts to calm.  Medical Marijuana like opioids aren’t supposed to remove all the pain only calm the pain making it easier to continue on with the day or night whatever the case may be.

For me Blue Dot is great when I have a busy morning writing, it allows my imagination to wander, it reminds me to listen to my hunger cues, I become more creative with my foods most turn out bursting with flavorsome not so great, and for this strain I find myself craving knowledge, finding ways to improve not only myself but my garden, my relationships etc. but what I love most about this strain is the focus I start getting to complete projects.  The project I’m working on now is relocating my garden from the front of my house to the back creating a new set for my YouTube channel, a lot of work in less than 2 weeks.  This is what I call chasing the sun the way our house sits on the property we get full sun in the summer in the front of the house and full sun in the winter in the back of the house which causes me to relocate the garden twice a year.

The concentrate was a beautiful light golden tan snap n pull shatter, that can shatter very easily, I found out the hard way.  The flavor is an earthy, woody, sweet blueberry taste with the aftertaste of diesel so if you are prone to migraines I know heavy diesel tastes can trigger them so proceed with caution.  The flavor is very clean and crisp, the look is a clear golden color, there is little to no smell to the concentrate itself overall it’s a beautiful and clean product.  Recommended for smokers of all types from beginner to pro.

Thank you Arizona Organix for this beautiful shatter as always you don’t disappoint.  The products so far have been amazing, your dispensary is clean and very beautiful on the inside and the receptionist and staff are very nice and knowledgeable, branding is simple and elegant overall if you guys haven’t checked them out you really should in downtown Glendale AZ.


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