A flavor I fell in love with as a child, bubble gum the candy not the Medical Marijuana strain is a blast from the past but combined with a THC level between 15 and 19% and you can’t go wrong.  The Bubble Gum strain descends from the Indiana Bubble Gum in the 1970’s but not much else is known, she has won several High Times Cannabis Cups over the years and the buds have a very distinct bubble gum sent with.  What a better time of year to do an official Bubblegum strain review, one of my favorite candies with Halloween just around the corner and Breast cancer awareness month being October you can’t go wrong.

Venom Extracts has done an amazing job preparing this shatter a little dark but extremely dank and pungent earthy, woody, skunky sweet taste with a slight pink bubble gum flavor on exhale.  The effects of this beauty are relaxed, happy, sleepy, and hungry euphoria.  Medicinally Bubblegum will help treat stress, depression, insomnia, Pain, and lack of appetite with the negative effects as usual dry eyes and mouth, anxious, dizzy and headaches.  I have also noticed over the last couple of years in doing these reviews, if there are any warnings about headaches or migraines with the strain it is highly possible to trigger a migraine for me and this is one of those strains.  I suffer from cluster migraines, a cluster migraine will peak and drop several times repeatedly causing nausea, light sensitivity, severe pain, even seizures, lasting for days even weeks at a time.  Smoking cannabis when I have a cluster migraine is also very difficult, if I take to large of a dab it can cause the migraine pain to spiral out of control and heaven forbid I start coughing, because if I do I will spend the next several hours vomiting.

The overall flavor of the shatter is Okay, however, I was spoiled early on with this flavor and terpenes, when the natural terpenes are extracted from the plant and added to the concentrate or even dripped over the flower you will not believe it’s even the same plant.  Overall I love this strain mixed with a  50\50 hybrid, by mixing this strain with another strain like Tina Danza (50\50 hybrid) I usually can avoid triggering a migraine.

I started this morning out with a pain level of about an 8 and now after about 20 minutes after smoking I’m down to a comfortable 5 with no sharp stabbing pains nausea I struggle with has calmed and I’m feeling the munchies starting up.  I struggle with food every day, once I eat I start not feeling well, so I have had to learn to snack throughout the day instead of eating meals if you’re like me with food cannabis can help relieve the anxiety around food.  It has taken me 20 years to come to terms with my eating disorder and now I’m ready to say goodbye to the control my eating disorder has had over me.


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