You can’t have a Halloween party without Candy Corn and now I’m only Trick or Treating with the best patients.  Candy Corn descends from OG Kush and Trainwreck both of which I have reviewed in the past and loved, her THC level hits between 15-21% with no CBD.  One of the most amazing things about this bud is the full spectrum of colors purples, pinks, greens, and blues.

Today I am doing the spooky Halloween Dabs and I picked this beauty up at Organix Arizona in Glendale I recently learned that they were the first dispensary to open in Arizona in 2012 and it’s literally taken me until now to review their products, and for that, I apologize.

When researching this strain a common phrase was present in most reviews across the board that I have never heard before, this strain of cannabis combines the “debatable downside effects” of sleepiness, and laziness with happiness and utter glee.  I don’t consider these “downside effects”, late in the evening this is exactly the effects I’m looking for, the sedative effects of the ZZZZ’s lulling me into a dream state.

The effects of Candy Corn Concentrate are happy, relaxed, euphoria treating ailments of anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, stress, and nausea.  This beautiful concentrate is a clear light golden tan pull n snap shatter that has a sweet, fruity, woody, berry taste even if your like me and really don’t care for candy corn snacks you will fall in love with Candy Corn Strain she’s a 70\30 indica dominant hybrid with very relaxing body and mind euphoria.  This strain is perfect when I’m running behind on my writing, allowing the words to flow through my fingers and spread across the page stringing words together in a symphony of creative banter painting a picture of strength and courage all while showing the truth behind this Cana movement!!

I started reviewing cannabis online, smoking it, eating it, cooking with it, and sharing the knowledge I’ve learned for the past couple of years even going as far as smoking in a very crowded public atmosphere to change the stigma behind cannabis, why…. Cannabis has been illegal in the United States for many decades up until recently when people started looking for a safer alternatives to Big Pharma and the opioid crisis.  Over the last couple of years even I started looking for better alternatives to opioids, simply because my body couldn’t do them anymore, even now using the opioids after surgeries or hospital stays scares me and can take my body a couple of weeks to recover, I hear the cravings as if the bottles are speaking only to me promising “if you take one more pill, you will feel even better” and we all know this to be a lie.

I have met so many people that have been successful at beating their addictions, fighting depression another day, accepting their trauma (accepting your trauma is just that, your PTSD is always going to be apart of who you are, just don’t allow it to control your life’s outcome) life is difficult and messy and each one of us are unique with talents we have yet to discover but once you discover your path your going to find your passion the way I did.

Being diagnosed with cancer as I entered adulthood, I started looking for the easy passion, something I could do well that would make me happy and would allow me to leave my mark on this world but I always got bored, I lost the drive or thought I can’t do this I’m too old, not talented enough and usually quit fairly early on in the project.  Medical Marijuana, however, could be used creatively, medicinally, or spiritually, it can be funny or serious, in researching Medical Marijuana I couldn’t find the information I was always looking for and it was very basic…. I have never used illegal drugs how is medical Marijuana going to make me feel?  Was it going to help with the pain?  Can I afford it?  And honestly a lot more questions and was born, a place where people like me could get the answers to those questions and I discovered something I didn’t expect to find… ME!


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