ChemDawg and J1 what else can I say than, a match made in heaven ChemDawg being a 55\45 indicia hybrid and J1 being a 70\30 Sativa dominate hybrid you will be the best of both world a body high that will help melt your aches and pains away for a short while and a head euphoria that will easily turn you into her submissive if your not careful. These 2 strains apart aren’t for the faint of heart but together instantly turn into a powerhouse blend that will have you coming back for more.


ChemDawg has a 19% THC Level with no CBD or CBN however what she lacks in intensity she more than compensates for the effects, relaxed, happy, euphoric, uplifted and creative to medicinally treat ailments of stress, pain, depression, insomnia, and headaches.  ChemDawg on a side note is one of the parent strains to one of the world’s most famous strains Sour Diesel and has a famous Urban Legend surrounding her origins, it is said to have something to do with a Grateful Dead Concert a handful of seeds, and a cultivator named Chemdawg but with some of the best Urban Legends nobody really knows.

The J1 strain or Jack 1 is a 70\30 Sativa dominate hybrid she descends from Skunk #1 and Jack Herer, she has about a 24% THC level, 1% CBD, and 1% CBN depending on the cultivator.   Her effects can lean towards both indica and Sativa leaving you feeling uplifted, creative, energetic, focused and happy to medicinally treat conditions like stress, fatigue, depression, PTSD, pain, and inflammation.  This strain is gaining popularity for it’s very creative and cerebral effects that allows the user an easier time moving around, I personally love this strain because on cold damp mornings my arthritis can really make moving around difficult and with a body crash coming on I feel like a bus has literally plowed into me.  The buds of this beauty are mesmerizing and full the buds are a light green in color with thick trichomes and covered in thick orange hairs but that’s not all she has a danky rosemary smell.

This morning before hitting this beautiful blend I was at a pain level of about an 8 and because my body has decided it needs to crash I have been very nauseated, I have body pain all over kind of like when you have the flu, a phantom headache which focuses in my sinuses when I move around or bend over, and I run a slight fever I basically feel like I’m Jim Carey when he kicked his own A@# in the movie “Liar Liar”,  I usually have to get into my primary during this time because my white blood counts will go up and I usually get a bladder infection and kidney infection and I can end up hospitalized for at least a week if I don’t get into see my doctor and start resting.  After smoking the 2 dabs in the video my pain level decreased to a comfortable 4 without any major sharp stabbing pains, however, the bladder spasms were still very present just not all that painful.  After about 30 minutes after smoking I noticed the munchies start to set in so I made some infused nachos from the other day and was able to keep it down, I was able to get some creative writing done and I was even able to relax the afternoon away with a new movie.

Medicinally these two combined are great for depression, PTSD, ADD and ADHD, chronic pain, Bipolar, migraines, and anger or aggression.  In addition, these two strains combined pack a pretty intense punch one minute you could be flying blissfully high enjoying your creative buzz and the next fully engrossed in a movie or savoring a long overdue snack the possibilities are endless so relax and enjoy.

Thank you Arizona Organix as always beautiful product, great taste, great combination with effects the more of your products I try the more I want and that’s always a good thing, have a beautiful day!!!



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