If you guys are like us you have empty plastic tubs laying around the house, one day I decided to look up how long it takes plastic to decompose.  I was surprised and saddened to see it takes 450 to 1000 years for plastic to decompose.  Up to 1000 years to decompose, think about that for a minute we use plastic products almost everyday in our water bottles, soda bottles, plastic soda cups that you buy from your local convenient store, plastic food containers that you would get from your local grocery store, and to many other plastic products to name.

I started collecting the plastic tubs that the cheese balls came in from Sam’s Club because my other half can polish off one tub in a weekend.  I collected 4 I had them sitting in my studio and every day I tried to think of something to with them.  In 2017 France proposed a National Climate Plan, many countries backed this new plan, however, the United States opted out of the proposal and I wanted to do something locally to show my support for Frances proposal so I built a garden on our property.  When I harvest the fruits and vegetables there’s usually too much for the 2 of us so I share it with the neighbors at no cost.  Being a cancer patient and chronically ill bag of bones it’s hard for me to hold down a 5 day a week “project or job” it really wears me down and when I get run down I get sick.

I was working out in my garden one morning and started running out of planters for the seeds I had and I have been building up the garden making it a tranquil filming studio for my Strain reviews and it hits me I have paint, stencils, even some glitter so I started playing with the first tub and ended up making this cute planter so this is how I did it.

Materials needed:
Scissors                Knife                     Screw gun
Paint                      Glitter                   Stencils
Screw                    Plastic Tub           hot glue gun


So the first thing I did was figure out how tall I wanted each pot and drew a line all the way around the tub, using the knife I’m going to make a big enough hole in the tub so I can use the scissors to cut the rest of the way around keeping the top portion.  With the bottom part of the tub, you’re going to want to use the screw and screw gun to make holes, the bottom of these tubs are seriously thick and hard to cut holes with the screw it can be just as difficult I had to use my body weight to get the screws to push through.  You’re going to need from 5 to 10 holes at the bottom of the tub once done you can paint the bottom tub as you desire and set aside.  Grab the top part of the tub and cut 4 x cuts in the lid because we are going to use this as a small water retainer, put the lid back on the top of the tub using a hot glue gun glue the top of the tub to the bottom of the tub as a stand.  Once the glue is dry, like 5 seconds now you can paint and decorate the flower pot as you desire.  A couple of tips don’t use washable paint I did with the first one and the paint washed off within a couple of weeks.  If you’re using the stencils with this it’s easier if you use spray paint and it looks nicer.

These projects are fun for me I used to do them with my kids and I owned a daycare for many years, but the really cool thing is it helps me relax and I feel this is my small part to help the environment, other than my recycling, community trash pick up helper, and food donations, if each one of us does a small part for the environment I feel it could really help and if I can do it pretty much anyone one can.

Thank you guys so much for watching my videos subscribing to my channel and just helping me when I’m having a bad day, all of you help me so much Thank you




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