Lemonade Haze is a 70\30 Sativa hybrid that descends from Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk.  Her THC level is usually about 17% with a CBD level of 0.38% the flowers are beautiful yellow and green in color with beautiful long amber hairs seeping through its clear vibrant tri-chromes which gives them a unique yellow haze.  Lemonade Haze has a very sweet, citrus, more of grapefruit to me, with a fruity citrus aftertaste, really rather nice, she would be amazing in honey for hot tea this time of year.

Medicinally she is great for stress, depression, pain, fatigue, and lack of appetite, that will not disappoint, about 20 minutes after the video review today I made and ate some nachos without incident, basically I didn’t get sick, then I even took a nap on my hubby’s lap.  I bring the nap detail up simply because when I start falling asleep on my own I have to start watching for body crash signs, a body crash is where my body is worn out, my white blood cell count is usually higher than normal, I hurt all over kind of like when you get the flu, every muscle in my body burns and hurts, even walking to the bathroom becomes a difficult task.

Cancer started my lifelong journey to find a better quality of life and over the past 2 decades it’s been just that a journey, but at what point do you take control of your body and refuse to submit to the torture of others opinions.  The medical industry and please understand I went to school to join this industry makes millions “practicing” healthcare and I say practicing loosely, 100 years ago doctors practiced by trial and error, no major schooling just “practicing” medicine, although the mortality rate of 90 percent of everything even the common cold was significantly higher the malpractice was non existent why you ask great question… Most people look at a physician as a professional not a professional student but what most of us forget with every new pill or drug or infection opens up a whole new arena of learning why should cannabis be any different.  100 years ago doctors used cannabis to help treat the millions of side effects life threw at us now life, cancer, cancer treatments, and the world needs a new day of treatment and practicing.  Treating cannabis as a medication has changed my life for the better and I want to share Medical Marijuana, cannabis, reefer, trees, pot, or what ever term you so lovingly call you medication.

What do you say when you run out of words… nothing just hit dab again and wait a few minutes for the creative wave and catch a ride.  This beautiful sativa dominate hybrid will leave you happy, uplifted, energetic, relaxed and euphoric allowing the euphoria to carry you off into a couch lock and a good movie or even sitting writing another review or chapter in my book but defiantly not helpful at reading.  I have really been into horror films and stories lately and I sat down a couple of time to research a new story category for YouTube and had a hard time focusing and then started to become tired so there are strains for everything I guess.

Arizona Organix you don’t disappoint again a beautiful clear golden tan shatter a true snap and pull is great for most of your daily activities just don’t let the couch lock effect this beauty has take over or you will be at her mercy for about 2 relaxing wonderful hours.  Thank you I hope you all have a beautiful day!


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