Lucid Blue is a Sativa dominate Hybrid 82/20 with a THC rating between 21-28% and a CBD level of 4%.  She was developed by crossing the infamous Amnesia Haze and Blue Dream the stuff good dreams are made of.  The energetic Buzz you will get off this strain will keep you coming back for more.  Almost immediately you will feel a warmth in the back of your neck and as it moves up and over your head blanketing you in a warm creative buzz that will last for a couple of hours before having to re-medicate. This morning before I medicated I was at a pain level of 8, very nauseous, and had the body aches from hell, that’s petty consistent with one of my body crashes, and over-all had a really hard time sticking to my new schedule.  After about 20 minutes after medicating for the second time today my pain level has reduced to a comfortable 5, my stomach started to settle and I even started to feel those faint whispers of hunger cues I thought were becoming a thing of the past, and the body pain slowly started to calm, which is exactly what I needed.

Medicinally this beauty treats stress, depression, fatigue, lack of appetite, PTSD, nausea, and extreme laziness with the effects of focused, relaxed, creative, uplifted, happy, and euphoric.  I personally love this strain not because of what it does to me but how it affects my hubby.  After my hubby smokes a good dab of this I see the stress of the day or week or even the stress of me, like I’m pleasant and happy all the time right, melt away from his face and a smile will kinda start peeking through, it never really fully appears but softens the overall tone of his perma-scowl, his jawline starts to relax and even he starts getting creative ideas in the garden and on my YouTube shows.  Without cannabis, this house turns into a 3 alarm fire, with a short fuse that’s always lit because of the number of daily pressures.  Full-time caregivers to full-time patients like my hubby have a hard time relaxing simply because they have to remain on guard you never know when something can happen to land me back in the hospital then he has to juggle all of the house responsibilities and spending time in the hospital with me plus working and taking care of himself, it’s no picnic and for that I thank all of you, caregivers, it’s a hard and sometime un-rewarding job.

Over-all the look of this shatter is a little darker than we are used to seeing from Arizona Organix but still a darker golden tan, no real smell to the concentrate itself, which lets me know it clean.  The first dab I did of this this morning was a hot and hurtful dab just to get myself going and there was no real crackling noise, no flame and no chemical taste however the sweet, blueberry, raspberry earthy flavor that will leave you taking a second bad just to be sure that’s what you really tasted, only to be pleasantly entranced by the flavor savoring a moment longer.  The effects will be fairly immediate lasting just over the 2 hour mark, however be waned a large dab or a coupe consecutive dabs will give you an unbelievable creative couch lock trailing into your dreams for a wild ride!!!

Thank you Arizona Organix for another unbelievable concentrate, you have made me a fan!


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