As the month of October races by, where did this year go… 2018 has sped past so fast, time to start 2018 year-end reviews, but first All Hallows Eve.  Spooky Dabs my October dabbing escapades has begun and I’m using new dispensaries for the month of October Arizona Organix in downtown Glendale Arizona has been an amazing month opener with their combination strains.

Race Fuel \ Chem Dawg both great strains and I’ve reviewed Chem Dawg in the past but have never hit the speedway until now.  This combination is as close to a 50\50 split that you can get Race Fuel is a 50\50 strain while Chem Dawg is a 55\45 indica dominate split both ranging in the THC range of 15 -20% with no CBD or CBN.  Both of these strain complement one another with the skunky citrus sweet tastes and the underlying pungency of the diesel but be careful when not expecting the intense diesel it can through you into a coughing fit that could end very disastrous.  I use extreme caution with heavy diesel or gas taste because they can trigger a vomiting spell, chronic nausea can be triggered by potent smells, thick tastes, or uncontrollable coughing but when the euphoria hits the creative roar of my nails tapping away at the keys, as the background noises fade into the distance, only looking up at page end to see an hour of creative writing.

Race Fuel is a 50\50 hybrid and through my research, I found a common and extremely relatable “The high races in with a dazzling effect crashing into your mind with a focused creative euphoria”, and the effects are alimenting, you will take the lead and intimidate the track with this combo.  Race Fuel from lighting up the tires to dominating the board is a perfect strain for Chronic Pain, depression, nausea, fatigue, anxiety, ADD, Bipolar, and PTSD, however be careful with these beauties, because of the pungent diesel taste this beauty isn’t recommended if you are suffering from a migraine because I have noticed the diesel can trigger a full-blown migraine so before you get red tagged be warned.

Don’t head out to the track just yet because Chem Dawg is a 55\45 indica dominant strain, a clear cerebral euphoria drives creativity, while a stony sleepy aroused body high that helps fight insomnia and relaxes those tired muscles from the daily time trials.  Medicinally there isn’t a better team than Race Fuel and Chem Dawg treating your ailments from novice to professional with all the mystery behind this strain the Urban Legend that this strains invention involved a Grateful Dead concert, a handful of seeds and a grower named Chem Dawg has to be my favorite UL yet and no Halloween is complete without The Spooky Urban Legends, treating anxiety, pain depression, ADHD, bipolar, migraines, arthritis, even PMS.

Arizona Organix this review and smoke sesh has been my pleasure, thank you for a beautiful clean product this light golden tan shatter has very little odor to the wax itself but packs a medley of taste a sweet, skunk, diesel pungency that will quickly earn top a place next to all your favorite legends, like the Dale Earnhardt or Richard Petty.


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