Winter has officially hit here in Arizona it’s under 100 degrees outside and I’m ready for yoga pants and sweatshirts, just kidding but this is my time of year the weather is still full and lively with rain, cooler temperatures and oddly our temps have been in the low 80’s so amazing just if I could fight the wind a little less.  Today I have one of these great little distillates with my Palm Battery, Super Silver Haze and Sai Baba Kush distillates From Arizona Organix the taste is very unique from waving your tongue in front of the smoke pulling from the Palm Device cause a numb tingling effect the tip of your tongue, it’s kind of a fun little distraction.  These distillates are great for in-between medication however for full pain, nausea, anxiety or depression relief I will normally dab prior to using my distillates because by themselves I just can’t maintain the level of relief I’m needing,

For these reviews I’m going to break them down separately, Super Silver Haze is an 80 \20% Sativa hybrid with a THC level of about 23%.  This distillate is a little dark and a bit thick which makes it a little harder to draw through the Palm Battery, as a side tip if you find the distillate is harder and harder to pull through try charging the Palm Battery for an additional 20 to 30 minutes and that should allow the distillate to burn smoother, another tip is to warm up the distillate container in your hands for a few minutes to get the oil to thin up some.  Super Silver Haze has won several High Times Cannabis Cups over the years 1997, 1998, and 1999 the buds are quite fat with medium forest-green with unique and beautiful brownish-orange leaves.  Super Silver Haze medicinally treats stress, depression, pain, fatigue, lack of appetite, PTSD, Bipolar, nausea, and Anxiety with the most common of negative effects like dry eyes and mouth, paranoid and dizzy.

Sia BaBa Kush in 100% indica which is a rarity in this world today, hybrids are easier to grow and most of the time taste so much better than strait indica or Sativa strains, however combining this beauty with Super Silver Haze is a match made in heaven.  With a THC level around 27% she can really pack a punch even for the most advanced smokers the effects will relax and calm you allowing your mind to wander and your imagination fly.  This beauty treats stress, insomnia, pain, depression, PTSD, anxiety, lack of appetite, and just the overall feeling of blah!  This strain can be traced back to the Hindu Kush Mountains, however, any other history is hard to locate, the parent strains are as unknown as its originating cultivator.

Combining Super Silver Haze and Sia BaBa Kush was an excellent choice, even though this is a 250mg distillate puffing on her between bong rips is a taste and satisfying choice, as always the flavor is amazing even with a tongue-tingling zing to help elevate your mood higher!  Great Job Arizona Organix as always I’m happy to have found you and I look forward to our next review!!


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