This cute little machine has earned its way to a permanent spot my kitchen counter, I adore this product and use it every day!!

The packaging is this cute cylinder box with their beautiful signature purple branding, purple, purple so much purple but it’s a really beautiful marketing display.  Inside is a little purple and black machine that is made of heavy-duty plastic with a push-button start.  Inside there is a stainless steel container with a silicone cap, place the material (holds 7-14 grams) inside the stainless steel container not overpacking it, I personally only decarb what I’m planning on using for that day.  Place stainless steel container in the machine and press the green start button, the button will then turn red.  Do Not Open machine while the button is red.  The machine will take from 1hour 40 minutes to 2 hours based on weight.

Ardent’s founder and president Shanel A. Lindsay is a patient like us, She writes this on her WebsiteFor years I struggled to dose accurately with my medicine. Determined to find a solution, I decided to test all the methods people were using.  I learned it’s virtually impossible to get a full decarb with any conventional appliance. I was blessed to work with the scientists at MCR labs to create a product that finally solves this problem.  The Lift – an innovation in-home device that delivers decarbed marijuana to people looking for an alternative method to consume.  This product changed my life – it can do the same for yours”.  don’t forget to hit them up this little machine does so much more than just decarboxylation of your flower you can use it in cooking and making Cannabutter!!  I’ll be doing a fun new series and sharing some Tips and recipes on Free My Cure’s YouTube Channel in the coming weeks!!  I’m really excited!!  I also check their website often and saw they are offering 2 infusion kits “Sweet Quartet Carmel Infusion Kit” and “Carmel Apple Infusion Kit” we will have to get a couple and do those infusion video’s as well!!

Let me tell you my favorite thing about this little purple machine while it’s decarboxylating the flower it smells sooo yummy and the smell fills my house for hours!  The smells, OMG the Smells I have some thin Mint Decarbing now and the smell of fruity, sweet, woody, aroma that fills my house for several hours, it’s relaxing and calming.   Thank you Ardent this has become my favorite appliance in my kitchen and quickly became a part of my daily routine!!

As a side note

To get more information on the product or if you decide you are interested in picking one up the link is here:  Ardent


The 1st In Home Decarboxylation Device

  • Quiet and simple to use for an easy, accurate decarb
  • Saves herb (and money!) by utilizing every bit of THC with a full decarb, every time
  • Prepare your own medicine, for oral, sublingual and topical use at home
  • Make strain specific edibles – taste and feel the difference
  • Get the proper dosage – get the “high” that’s right for you



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