Tina Danza a 50 \ 50 hybrid descending from one of my favorites Triangle Kush and Georgia Pine for a hybrid lady that would even make Tony Danza blush.  This hybrid‘s THC rating usually sit about 20% with a CBD of 1%.  This strain has a very sweet earthy pine flavor with a hint of citrus, her effects will hit the head almost immediately slowly moving through your body relaxing muscles, uplifting your vide, settling into a sleepy euphoria, however keeping your mind stimulated is the key to a focused creative high that will keep you energized and comfortable for a couple of hours.  This particular strain is great when I’m needing a fresh positive outlook on life or at least need a good laugh, the hubby and I will do a good sized hot and hurtful dab, relax into our chairs in our smoke room and talk and giggle for hours.

Medicinally Tina Danza is awesome for a full gamete of symptoms pain, stress, depression, nausea, inflammation, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, insomnia, and loss of appetite leaving you energized and ready for anything that comes your way today.  The negative effects of this strain are pretty typical dry eyes and mouth, dizzy, and headache and remember when you see the headache warning in the negative effects and you are prone to migraines please proceed with caution, however if you start to get a headache or a migraine keep some CBD liquid or caps, by dosing with this I have noticed relief with my migraine or a headache.

As with all the concentrate we’ve picked up at Arizona Organix in downtown Glendale Arizona a gram of wax goes for about 16.00, all of the concentrate we’ve picked up so far has been a very light almost clear gold color that doesn’t spit, pop or spark when dabbed at higher temperatures which tells me they have a clean product, there isn’t any butane or propane left in the product to flame up when smoking, and they are growing organic, now I don’t have confirmation on this yet but as promised I will be talking to them in more detail, because I feel it’s my duty to find out more about them and their process.

Over all I have absolutely loved reviewing these concentrates and I have a few more from them over the next week and I think you guys are really going to love what’s coming up with spooky dabs this month ending the month on Halloween with my Stash Box GIVEAWAY!!!


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