This is the first I had heard of Vista Print’s Promo Marketing Box, I just ordered my new business cards because sadly I ran out after Arizona’s Bike Week back in April, but as you all know money has been tight with surgeries coming up and I haven’t been feeling that great but this isn’t a rant video so here goes.


When I started YouTube just over a year ago, I didn’t realize how difficult YouTube can be so right here I want to say my hats off to YoutTuber’s Like @LoganPaul, @JakePaul, @Ricegum, @AlissaViolet, and last but not least @SSSniperwolf to name some of my favorites, this is harder than I expected.  There is a lot of work involved in being a creator researching new topics that are trending, writing a script to go off of whether it’s an outline to go off of or a word for word script it takes time, creativity, and a keen sense of humor, now some of these YouTuber’s sense of humor may be a little skewed to some of us but their viewer understand them and honestly they are quite funny if you give them a chance, they lay their life, feelings, relationships or lack thereof out there for everyone to see, for everyone to comment on, share, like and unlike, but remember these comments aren’t always nice, to say the least, but these sometimes they are flat out humiliating and wrong.  This has been a long rough road but I thank you guys for subscribing to my channel tuning in and watching and just talking to me sometimes when I’m freaking out, I couldn’t do this without you, so remember I love you guys and I’m sorry for the cheap tagging move I just made but it’s the truth.

I got this Promo Marketing box from Vista Print and it only cost $5.oo for the first box, I’m a broke A@# B!@#$ so when I saw I could get a promo box for $5.00 without having to design anything you know I’m all about that!  So the box came in and honestly Vista Print said it would be a month, the box arrived in 2 weeks, so that’s what I call service.

The box arrived with 4 premium products Cute FMC round stickers, FMC T-shirt, FMC Post Cards with envelopes, and FMC premium ballpoint pen.  My box came with a really nice handwritten note from Jordan that designed and handpicked my items and honestly he probably had a great time designing these with all the Cannabis plants they did an amazing job and now I can’t wait to get my next box but in the meantime they put this awesome $10.00 Vistaprint Cash Coupon in it so it’s like they paid me for the first box.  Those big YouTuber’s probably don’t need to cut cost anywhere they can but I have to and when I see a deal like this I’m a happy camper.


All the Attached Links to Vista Prints Promo Box:


Free My Cure FACEBOOK:

P.O. Box 40, Wittmann Arizona 85361




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