Blue Diamond is a 50\50 hybrid with a TCH level of about 18%, a CBD 1%, and a CBN of .58, results may vary by cultivator.  She descends from Diamond OG and Blue Dream.  Blue Diamond is a thick Snap-N-Pull shatter that if my dab tool isn’t warm it will shatter the concentrate and it’s harder to pick up with the dabber.  This strain tends to favor the sativa side of her genetics.  She was bred by “Bio Queen” and was bred for its mood-enhancing qualities and was bred for depression patients. The effects Blue Diamonds effects are relaxing, happy sleepy, euphoric, and talkative OMG talkative.  Medicinally helps treats stress, pain, depression, fatigue, insomnia, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, hyperactivity, loss of appetite, and PTSD.  Last and certainly most leased the negative effects of Blue Diamond are Dizzy, dry mouth, and eyes, headaches, anxiety. The effects of Blue Diamond help me with the pain, it helps with my bladder spasms (it doesn’t take the spasms away but does help.), cannabis helps me with my anxiety and depression, and it helps me creatively, without all the nasty Sid effects that I have had to live with for the past 20 years.  The taste is a mix of sweet, blueberries, and spicy.  Just to explain a little how this strain’s effects start they start in my throat, it feels like a warm expanding feeling (if you have a sore throat be warned, it may cause further irritation) it goes away within 10 minutes but keep a beverage close. When I got up this morning I wasn’t feeling that great I had pain in my abdomen, I’m in the middle of a body crash, I hurt, and something I call bubble gut.  My pain level was about an 8, 20 minutes after smoking my pain level dropped to about a 6, nausea has settled, and I’m starting to get the munchies. Overall Arizona Organix the shatter is beautiful, looks and smells clean, and I have been extremely satisfied with your Bud Tenders, your dispensary is cute and clean, even your patients are pretty cool.  Thank you for this beautiful shatter, you never disappoint! STAY FREE, FLY HIGH, AND AS ALWAYS FUCK CANCER! WEBSITE:  YOUTUBE: GOOGLE +: Free My Cure FACEBOOK: FACEBOOK: TWITTER:  
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