VN Durban Poison is a pure Sativa plant with a THC level of 24 %, 1% CBD, and 1% CBN.  Being the month of December I am doing a month-long series of Spooky dabs as well as rocking the pink hair for Brest Cancer Awareness Month so keep those hashtags going, don’t forget you can do a social media fundraiser to help this month as well. #brestcancerawerness or my favorite #fuckcancer VN Durban originated in South Africa Ed Rosenthal an American Cannabis activist discovered it in the 70’s and brought it back with him.  With THC levels reaching 24% this stoner poison will leave you with the effects of Energetic, uplifted, happy, mellow, focused and euphoric obliterating all the tasks on your “honey do list” today.  Medicinally killing your stress levels, depression, fatigue, pain, and headaches leaving your mind clear and focused this strain is perfect for a day of writing taking the day to catch up on some writing I have missed, and for that, I apologize to all of you.  These buds are beautiful round and chunky with a dense over-seized trichrome’s and this strain really is best to use as a daytime strain. With this being October I decided to tell a short story about the haunted house I owned for several years. When we had friends over for dinner and parties because our parties always included dinner the kids would sit in the house at the table for dinner and the adults would sit out back at the picnic table.  As we were all talking the ceiling fan chains in the kitchen would swing back and forth and as the kids would notice it would start swinging back and forth faster and faster they would yell and we would come running in the house and the chains would stop dead like nothing.  We would then start talking about it and the chains would start swing faster and faster to the point of hitting the light fixtures on the fan, we figured out eventually if we ignored it, it would stop on occasion something else in the house would bang and then nothing for a while.  A friend stayed in our guest suite for a week, on the last night of his stay it was the coldest night of the week and about 3 AM I woke up, just sat up in the bed and looked at the door like I knew someone was there and I saw a shadow of a person.  He stood there wearing a white wife beater shirt and pants about his size and build, I looked down rubbing my eyes I said: “Ron if you’re cold there is a spare blanket in the closet.”  Looking back up he was gone I just assumed that’s what he wanted and I laid back down and slept.  The next morning Ron comes in the kitchen and sits down at the table and I was sitting there drinking my coffee and he said to me that around 3 AM he thought he heard he whispering to him about his candle and why didn’t I just blow it out instead of letting it fall on him I looked at him shock and said “I thought you came to my room looking for a blanket.”  “What,” he says “Look at my hair there’s wax all over it.”  I walked over and started pulling wax from hair.   It took about 20 minutes to get all the wax out of his hair.  That never happened again however we were never able to get any babies to sleep in the guest suite of that house. Thank you Arizona Organix the Shatter beautiful light golden color taste is amazing an earthy, woody, spicy, sweet taste.  When I started this morning at a pain level of about 8 after smoking I’m at about a comfortable 5.  This celebrity child isn’t on the market everywhere but if you can find it she is definitely worth a taste, she is definitely on my top 10 list. STAY FREE, FLY HIGH, AND AS ALWAYS FUCK CANCER! WEBSITE:  YOUTUBE: GOOGLE +: Free My Cure FACEBOOK: FACEBOOK: TWITTER:  
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