Kalashnikova is an 80\20 Indica Hybrid that descends from AK-47 and White Widow.  This is a thick snap-n-pull shatter it’s a light golden brown in color.  Her taste is a heavenly combination of earthy, fruity, herbal spicy, sweet, and citrus it’s amazing. Kalashnikova packs a serious punch that can last for a couple of hours, as the high heightens you’ll get sleepier and sleepier into a hazy dreamland.  The effects of Kalashinaova are relaxed, focused, happy, hungry, and uplifted.  Medicinally Kalashinova treats Chronic pain, cramps, epilepsy, stress, depression, muscle spasms, and lack of appetite.  The negative effects are dry mouth and eyes, paranoid and anxiety none of which I have experienced with this strain. When I started out this morning I was at a pain level of 9 and after smoking several times, smoking from my oil bong, and even smoking in the shower I was able to get my pain down to a comfortable 6, I’m having a bad day waking up to a major body crash.  I did notice with this strain the high hits almost immediately with a very heady euphoric and focused, as the high heightens you will notice “your mind being pulled into a hazy introspection”. Thank you @ArizonaOrganix as always the shatter looks amazing, the taste is fanominal, your dispensary beautiful, but most of all the effects are right on point, so thank you.  In closing this review I want to share some of the things I am thankful for and why I call this series Thankful Dabs.  I’m thankful for YouTube’s platform, it has given me a platform to connect and help others like me so Thank You @YouTube for everything that you do and allowing us the use of your platform to help others. STAY FREE, FLY HIGH, AND AS ALWAYS FUCK CANCER! WEBSITE:  YOUTUBE: GOOGLE +: Free My Cure FACEBOOK: FACEBOOK: TWITTER:  
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