Tri Fi Driver Weed Review from The Nirvana Center and Lotus Extracts.  She is an 80/20 Indica hybrid that descends from Blue Mango and Gobstoper strains.  This a really pretty medium dark golden brown that is really quite pungent and you will notice it the moment you take the lid of this container.  Her flavors are a full berry, sweet, citrus with a hint of spice, this one can be harder on my throat.

The euphoria is one of full bodied effects taming not only the body but the mind.  Tri Fi Driver starts out hitting you right between the eyes and draping around you with a warm calm feeling.  You’ll start with a happy euphoric onset that slams into your brain relaxing you to your core.

The Effects are; body high, cerebral, euphoria, giggly, happy, and hungry.  Medicinally to treat Chronic Pain, depression, insomnia, muscle spasms, nausea, anxiety, and stress. 

Over all this is a great strain that really takes the edge off when I started out this morning I was at a pain level of a 9, anxiety 7, and depression 5, and now that about 20 minutes has passed my pain level dropped a 6, Anxiety a 4, and depression about a 3.  Chronic pain effects millions of people every year and every year I hear the horror stories associated with pain, depression, and anxiety and every year it saddens my heart as we lose more and more good people to the “prison of pain”.


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