Hi, my name is Nicola Dickens and I am a 3-time cancer survivor battling my 4th fight for life from cancer.  I went through cancer treatment the first 3 times without cannabis, because of the stigma surrounding cannabis it took me almost 5 years to understand what the medicinal properties are, and the best forms of ingesting cannabis to get the most relief.   I believed the Dr.’s and pharmaceutical companies held a much higher standard for human life.  As I was researching cannabis I ran across information scattered across the internet my mission is to start gathering this information on my website www.freemycure.org as well as all my social media platforms, this is where I need your help.

I am looking for sponsors to keep this site up.  I’m not asking for money, however, I am asking for your support in getting this information to the public.  I want to help other cancer patients that are feeling lost, hurt, scared, and the ones like me that western medicine has given up on.  If this site can help just one cancer warrior ease their pain I will be honored.

I lost my father a couple of years ago to bone and lung cancer, and if I could go back in time and share what I know today maybe I would still have my father.  He was a great man, he served in the Navy when he was younger working his way up the ranks to a Navy Seal.  My grandfather was an Engineer in the Army based out of Fort Huachuca he passed away about 10 years ago from sleep apnea and congenital heart failure. My mom passed away because of opioid over dose, cannabis I believe could have helped her balance her manic depression and help her get clean from the opioid addiction.

Cancer is scary for many different reasons, and believe me when I say I can name them all but, the most important reason why this scares me so much is that cannabis has saved my life.  I was addicted to narcotic pain meds, and for a long time the Dr.’s handed out these meds without explaining the side effects and addictive quality I should have overdosed a few times.  I would get up in the middle of the night and take these meds in my sleep, I had no recollection of doing this, but this isn’t talked about by the dr. or the pharmaceutical companies, or even patients this needs to be addressed.  I was addicted to pain medication, opioids, and muscle relaxers for 20 years.

I started cannabis a couple of years ago after my father passed away.  My kids sat me down and talked to me about cannabis, they don’t want to lose their mom. They expressed their feelings on the situation, so I talked to my Oncologist the next day and he sent me to a cannabis dr. to get my card.  The process is fairly simple for the patients that are close to dispensaries, but for patients like me the terminally ill and those living 25 miles away from a licensed dispensary it’s a lot harder. I stay close to home now because when the dr. puts that one word on a diagnosis “terminal” you are un-hirable and my immune system being non-existents.

My life isn’t over and I’m not done fighting with cannabis I know I can beat this. Please help me, help other cancer patients discover a life after cancer.  My long term goal is to cultivate and educate cancer patients GIVING them the cannabis they need just to get out of bed and beat this.

As a sponsor your logo and link will be added to freemycure.org sponsor page, tags in every video with links back to your website, viral posting in all social media platforms, direct verbal shout outs, monthly videos will be made tastefully to represent responsible use, product placement in video’s and writings, and monthly giveaways to attract new subscribers to introduce your product to.  For my local sponsors I will be doing live videos from your store every month to show case your merchandise and bring in new customers.  I have been in marketing for many years and I have personally helped grow small businesses bottom line using this method.  I am building relationships in the cannabis industry, I am a member of several groups and can get your product seen by thousands of people.

Thank you so much for your time and if this isn’t something you’re interested in I understand completely so please don’t feel you have to answer me, I know you are a very busy person Thank you again for your time.

Nicola Dickens


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