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Join me in finding my sense of humor through cancer!

My Journey started when I was about 18 being diagnosed with Endometriosis and Cervical cancer.  That was what I thought to be the worst day of my life, however, I was soon to find out, not even close.  After 20+ years and cancer 3 more times, multiple diagnoses, and a million health problems later I have terminal cancer and severe health conditions and a million pills, I discovered an oncologist that recommended cannabis to me, so just like thousands of people I researched cannabis.  AND HERE WE ARE, ALIVE, TAKING 10 YES 10 Fewer MEDICATIONS AND NO MORE PAIN MEDS!!!

Errl Cup 2018

When we arrived at The Legends Event Center on Sunday, July 15, 2018, it was crazy the parking lot was full and trying to find parking was difficult, I don’t think they expected such a great turn out. Once we made it to the event center you could hear sirens all...

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